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Jan 10, 2018 in Analysis

Characteristics of Ethical Dilemmas

Ethical dilemmas are caused by a variety of reasons. These dilemmas are expected to arise where decisions pertaining sensitive matters are concerned. Ethical dilemmas may be a result of existence of more than one solution to the problem, significant consequence on the stakeholders and significant values among different interest

Ethical dilemmas exist if a decision needs to be made that chooses between what is viewed as right and wrong. This is based on ethical values rather than scientific evidence that may prove the decision right or wrong. Nursing involves decisions that affect the welfare of patients. The decisions made must put this into consideration regardless of whether the situation at hand has the scientific clearance to be adopted (Characteristics of ethical dilemmas, n.d.). Ethical dilemmas arise when ethical problems that were not forecasted arise and this force those concerned to make a decision to match the changes that have just been realized that were not foreseen. These ethical problems may also have been foreseen but there was no way to avoid them which automatically results to an ethical dilemma. Other instances where ethical dilemma might occur are ethical problem is excepted, but do not know what to do with it, available ethical codes do not adequately guide on what to be done, duties to individuals are in conflict with the law etcetera (David, n.d.).

Ethical problems in most cases arise due to the ethical consequences that result from decisions made. The welfare of the public and the views they have of the conduct of those involved in decision making plays an important role in determining how the public reacts to the situation. The above instances that show how dilemmas arise give a preview of the problems those making decisions face especially when dealing with a new product that has no guidelines on how it should ethically be handled (Characteristics of ethical dilemmas, n.d.).. Therefore, unlike other dilemmas that result from conflicts of interest and preferences ethical dilemmas arise mainly due to existing ethical codes.

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