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Jan 10, 2018 in History

African American History

Describe the importance of Crispus Attucks. How did his contribution to the era represent America and embody the paradox that Black men and women faced.

Crispus Attucks is an imperative figure in the fight for autonomy in America. Attucks is commemorated as the first individual who died on the accounts of the American independence. He got shot together with other four individuals during the Boston Massacre. Consequently, his demise generated anger, and outcries within America prompting people from the 13 colonies to join in the struggle for sovereignty.

Therefore, Attucks is instrumental to the Revolutionary war, considering the way the patriots together with the Sons of Liberty conveyed the reports on Boston Massacre. The demise served as the driving force towards sovereignty within more people within the 13 colonies offering support to the Revolutionary War.

Attucks contribution to the Revolutionary era demonstrated that most people within the colonies were willing to provide patriotic support and sacrifice for a cause. In this case, the cause for the American populace was the revolution for the sovereignty of all the 13 colonies. All through, black men and women were confronted with the anger of being free although the extent of their struggle never went to the degree of sacrifice and patriotism. Nevertheless, sovereignty was continually denied for long periods building up the sense of sacrifice and patriotism for a greater cause.

Abolitionists have continually emphasized the patriotic nature of the early African American, as well as their sacrifices despite them being constantly exposed to colonialism. Although African Americans served as slaves within the American population, they maintained patriotism at the extent greater than the masters.

Additionally, they demonstrated their willing for individual sacrifices for the rest of the American populace. This demonstrated great courage despite the color that served as the basis for discrimination within the American populace. Attucks symbolized African American patriotism with some resistance movements for instance Attucks Guards fought against the Fugitive Salve Laws that demeaned African Americans.

Write an essay discussing plantation slavery and the slave community. How did slavery differ for women and for those who were skilled and who did not perform agricultural related activities?

Plantation slavery commenced through the dependence on slavery in undertaking tasks within plantations. Plantation slavery was a resultant of the reduced white indentured servants, racial prejudice, the augmenting populations of the Africans and concerns over the white class conflicts. Approximately 80,000 Africans were supplied for plantation slavery at around 1700-1770 as a population that would offer labor services in tobacco colonies.

However, slaves provided services to sugar and rice plantations that mostly belonged to the white colonies. Plantation farming extended widely to most regions and African Americans provided labor with some laborers being born under plantation slavery. Approximately 144,872 slaves inhabited Virginia and Maryland by 1750. The figure accounts for about 61 percent of the entire British North America slaves.

Similarly, the rice-producing areas within Georgia and South Carolina held about 40,000 slaves, which passed as 17 percent. The masters offered slaves small pieces for cultivation of foodstuffs and slave communities usually worked on these parcels during off periods. Slave communities comprised of approximately 125 individuals with around 81 being male and the rest being female. Slave communities lived within the plantations' confines on the same area. They lived under unsanitary conditions with most being highly congested. Slaves consumed foods like corn, salt beef, pork and fish, as well as yams, chicken and rabbits.

Women and individuals bearing skills in various activities were less exposed to extreme working conditions in the farms. The skilled produced all items that were required within the plantations while women conducted domestic chores in case they were not engaged in agricultural tasks. They engaged in washing, cooking, cleaning among other domestic chores including caring for young ones. However, women's tasks never ended since they constantly undertook different tasks throughout the plantation. Men slaves obtained rest periods after agricultural tasks ended in the evening.

Identify and discuss the Massachusetts 54th Regiment. How were these troops different than others during the war? Who led these men and what problems did they face during the war?

Massachusetts 54th Regiment comprised of free black men from the North and turned out as the most renowned black unit throughout the war. The formation of the black unit was approved through Secretary of War, but its formation faced challenges over the number of thee black people inhabiting Massachusetts. However, the Black Committee comprising of Henry Highland Garnet, Martin Delany, Frederick Douglass and Charles Remond assisted in the formation of Massachusetts 54th Regiment.

The Black Committee demonstrated confidence in a black army and asserted that the regiment would demonstrate the need for equal treatment among black people. The regiment would also prove that black men deserved the American citizenship. The regiment operated under the command from Robert Gould Shaw. Other leaders include William H. Carney, Quincy A. Gilmore, and John Dahlgren among others. The regiment comprised of black men from northern states at an average of 25. Most of these black recruits were literate and had reasonable occupations.

According to history, all regiment soldiers grew up free from slavery except one soldier who grew under a slave state. The departure of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment for South Carolina was considered an emotional event in Boston since they passed through all regions, which symbolized black patriotism and black history.

The regiment was considered different since it represented the black population and fought to the acquisition of the US citizenship. In addition, the regiment served in order to prove their worth in a white-dominated country. The regiment fought with enormous determination, participated in numerous wars and won most of these wars taking victory and credit.

However, the regiment was confronted with discrimination and hostility throughout from the whites who doubted the black troops. They experienced extensive racism and insulting words for instance niggers. The regiment faced command problems with some white commanders refusing their command over the black troops. The regiment faced the unequal pay disputes and some regiment members were shot on the accounts of their pay. They were equipped with poor weapons compared to the white counterparts.

Discuss the formation of the Ku Klux Klan. What was the main intent of the group and what affect did they have on Southern society. Additionally, discuss how the federal government reacted to the Klan.

Ku Klux Klan became a militant terrorist organization that rose from the Confederate veterans. The organization commenced as a social club comprised of confederate veterans and the organization espoused certain oaths and rituals that were conducted secretly. The organization thrived was stimulated under the leadership from General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Although the organization bore similarities with the Union Leagues, it possessed extremely deadly consequences. The organization's membership comprised of individuals of all social classes. The organization picked members from businessmen, politicians, farmers to physicians and lawyers. However, the organization was entirely comprised of the white people.

The main intent of the organization was the reduction of the support of the Republican Party and elimination of the enlightened and politically thriving blacks. The organization utilized threats, coercion, beatings, murder and rapes in the restoration of the conservative white-dominated democratic rule. The organization utilized force in trying to return the blacks in the earlier state of subordination.

The organization controlled the majority of the southern societies through terrorist activities that comprised of murder and prosecution to individuals supporting the Republican Party. The group killed influential black and white politicians within the Republican Party. The organization caused terror displacing individuals who moved into the woods for safety. They caused the development of local militia that increased violence and generated fear among the societies.

In 1871, the federal government reacted through the establishment of the Ku Klux Klan Act. The act declared any actions that amounted to interference with the individual liberties of voting, delivering services to a jury and holding office as federal offenses. The Enforcement Acts were also embraced within the federal government thus offering the basis for the prosecution of the Klan activities and its members. The presidents were awarded the mandate of sending in the federal troops and suspending the injunctions on habeas corpus.

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