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Jan 10, 2018 in Literature

Introduction to Language and Literature

In this essay, two literary texts and one non-literary text will be compared and contrasted. The purpose of the essay is to represent the differences in purpose and meaning the respective authors show by implementing a wide range of writing techniques. They include structural devices such as stanza, octave and flashback. The specific features including rhythm and punctuation influence on interpretation will be also studied.

The Arrest is a short story about a convict who kills his warder, escapes through a forest and then returns to face justice because a ghost of his dead warder makes the convict to do that. The author of the story had gone through a tragic period in his life at this time of writing the story as his wife had succumbed to a heart failure having filed for divorce accusing the writer of intentions to marry another wife in Washington. The Story of an Hour is similar to The Arrest because it is also connected with the theme of death, and the surprise appearing of it at the end of the story. The Story of an Hour is about a homemaker suffering from a heart condition. She is broken with the story of her husband's death. At first shocked, the story focuses on the character's resistance to feelings of facility, joy and a newfound freedom. The husband suddenly returns home alive, and the woman suffers a fatal heart attack. The story was written at a time when feminism had gained huge popularity in the public domain, which implied any author had to write stories and articles that did not contravene this agenda. This forced the author to kill the protagonist for editors to agree to print the story. The French, Spanish, German, Italian article is completely different, mostly because it is a non-literary work. It is an article, the author attempts to focus on the reading an instruction course on easy and effective language learning.

The organization of a newspaper article is vitally important for its perception by the reader; non-accurate advertising can be overlooked. The article is divided into a number of small paragraphs, each of which shows the reader one certain advantage that this language learning course has comparing with common language learning methods. It has an ordered structure, with subtitles that attract readers' attention and make the sections of text more accessible. The organization of the article is in fact similar to both The Arrest and The Story of an Hour because both of these literary stories also use short paragraphs in order to influence a reader. In The Arrest, the author focuses on gathering much information in only a few words as each paragraph is devoted to one scene or flashback. The last sentence of the story is a separate paragraph written in order to express better the feelings of profundity. In The Story of an Hour, the author also utilizes short paragraphs, however, they are a bit longer. It seems interesting, because the text is about an event which takes place during a single hour, and the size of each paragraph seems to represent the passage of time in that scene. For instance, a shorter paragraph usually indicates a minute or two and a longer one describes several minutes. In addition, similarly to The Arrest, the last two lines make a separate paragraph to indicate the suddenness of the events.

The writing style in The Arrest is quite interesting in its implementing of colloquialisms, which together with the use of the 3rd person depicts the text as narrative one. A ghost story is told to the reader, but it does not seem to be written. The implementation of specific words such as 'buckshot' shows that the story is at least set in an older time period. The piece can be read easily; it is written with simple and flowing language; again supporting the feeling of the story being told orally to the reader making it easy to follow as events unfolds. The Story of an Hour is like The Arrest written in the 3rd person; nevertheless, it is different because the author does not use colloquial language. The author implements actual dialogue, but in The Arrest there is lack of conversations in the text. The use of dialogue in The Story of an Hour makes it easier for the readers to feel understand and relate to the feelings of the main character. The author also manages to use more intense adjectives in her descriptions; for example, words like 'exalted' and 'tumultuously' help the reader to feel the strong emotions in the story.In the French, Spanish, German, Italian the dialogue is also used in the testament part of the article where the specific product, the language course, is studied and the positive opinions of the critics are listed. This helps the reader treat the language course positively, with this access to peer opinion. A part of the text, especially at the beginning, is written similarly to The Arrest. However, it doesn't implement colloquialisms. It looks like the words of a salesman actually proposing his/her goods to a buyer. Moreover, the article is written in the 2nd person, and it also helps to intensify a peer consensus on the value of the product.

Concerning the tone, it's clear that all three texts are very different. The Arrest in general has a mysterious tone. Its theme is supernatural, though according to its colloquial style it is not clear that the escaped convict literally was escorted back to prison by the ghost of his murdered jailer. The theme of the story leaves open the possibility that the convict had clemency that made him return to the prison. So, the jailer is a representation of his guilt but not a real ghost. Either possibility is in the story, or the sense of mystery exists in it. The Story of an Hour is very emotional. It has several contrasting phases. It begins with sadness and sympathy to an ill woman who has just lost her husband. However, she soon finds herself guiltily strengthened by the possibilities of a future her own making. In the final piece of the story, this new happiness is removed with surprise and sudden death when the husband comes back. Three different tones in the story make it very intensive and emotional. The newspaper article has a quite simple tone. It is a strong message, in which every part represents a separate advantage of a product and makes the buyer be likely to buy it. It cites information from researches in order to show that this company has an understanding and empathy to the problems clients have in this market.

The test I would omit next time is the poem To Autumn. The reason is that I feel it is complicated for the reader to understand. The language used in the text is outdated and thus difficulty for the current generation of readers to understand. The style applied by the author and use of longer than the normal stanzas makes it hard for a reader to understand which justifies my failure to include it next time.

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