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Jan 10, 2018 in Nursing

Quality Data Collection


Quality Improvement (QI) is a program that is used by an organization or a system to inspect and boost the quality of services offered by the organization. It is mostly involved with health issues and improvement of the health services within the same organization. The processes engeged in the QI never come to completion because the management seeks to better standards of health services they offer to their respective patients to facilitate growth and expansion of the organization. When any organization follows the QI recommendations, it gives out quality services, increases its efficiency and achieves its major organizational goals. The QI recommendations are crucial for all health organizations because they enhance harmony and give the organization workers the inner motivation to perform their duties. It also improves the organization's working structure, leading to efficiency in undertaking the duties.


There are two main principles, used in this process and the minor one. These are the resources, activities and results. Resources feature mostly as inputs that are used in improving the quality of services offered in an organization. Activities look onto the processes that are run so as to reach the result. The results are the outputs that originate from the resources that undergo the certain processes. In order to improve the outputs, the organization has to improve on the quality of resources and the processes that are used in the production of the results.

The two major issues that are researched by the QI are: what is done and how it is done. These principles provide information about the work, done in a health institution, and who does the job, where it is done and the time to deliver the work in each place. These are the major questions that one can ask himself before visiting any health organization.

Tools used in the QI

One of the tools that are used in the QI is a Process mapping tool. It is used to improve the health care processes within the practice in a health organization. This is a tool that was adopted from the engineering faculty before it was introduced in the health sector. It is used to give the sequence of operations in an organization that will lead to a reasonable outcome. An improvement in any sector needs a series of rules and steps to be followed so as to deliver coherent results that will be pleasant to the clients of the organization (Seliger, 2011). This tool is able to assemble the resources that are required to bring efficiency and help visualize major opportunities that will lead to improvement in the organization.

The second tool is an involvement of workers and patients in decision making about the organization. In the health centers the improvement on their TB case finding among other PLHIV is very important. This should be taken into consideration due to the sensitivity of the issue (Flintsch, 2009). In order to get such information one has to actively involve all clients in the health sector and speak with them on issues that are very concurrent in their lives and affect all of them. The review of failures that affected people and the calamities that they pass through will help to improve on the morale and give motivation to the other patients leading to improvement in the services offered in the health organization (Seliger, 2011).

The third tool is getting information from the hospital lists that are taken by the attendants. This will help the staff of the clinic to determine the number of patients who attend the health center; hence this will aid in improvement of the services and help in data management (Flintsch, 2009). In order to get the information one has to keep to procedure that is to be followed, which consists of the time period definition, eligibility of the population, getting the number of patients who are to be included in the review and to give clear and understandable measures that each person in the organization should follow.

Between all these tools, one has to look for the tool that suits the organization best, so as to keep the numbers of the patient joining the organization high and to give services to a bigger number of patients. The ways of data collection should also be well defined, and the person to do the work of recording should be carefully selected. One should also put into consideration the period of time for collecting the data, because the persons being served need to be put in a schedule that will be met no matter what circumstances arise. The sample collection in the area of study is very crucial for every organization so as the set rules can be met without difficulties.

The illegibility of the tools depends on their delivery on the basis of work that they perform and the information they give (Allen, 2011). The tool of involving the patients in performing their duties for making the decision helps in ensuring that more and more patients are reached. Besides, this tool has more advantages in performance.

The application of the aforementioned tools requires training of the personnel who are using them so as to improve their skills and the services that they offer to patients who come into the clinic. The voice of the patient should be prioritized so that the claims and grievances can be heard. This is one way to retrieve information from persons who have the need. The next thing is to build motivation for improvement in the quality of services that are offered in the organization leading to proper and enhanced service rendering capacities. The HIV health care in every organization should be looked at and addressed with maximum attention for the people to receive the right treatment that they require (Allen, 2011). The available data should be used to improve and fill the gaps and spaces that are prevalent in the organization.

One can also use the digital way of data collection which is easier than the aforementioned methods. This can be done through putting the data manually.


The health centers should improve the HIV medication so as to increase the number of patients in the centers. It is also very important to have information about the patients in the hospital in order to maintain a good relationship between the patients who are admitted. The patients are the backbone of the health center so they should receive quality, much needed services, as well as care and attention. The major tools that should be employed in these centers are designed to improve the way services are offered so as to give a major boost in the sector of health in the area. The management in every health center should pay equal attention to the patients' and the workers' remarks on the areas of improvement in the organization. This will be a major step in ensuring that health is boosted in the organization and patients receive the right treatment and qualified care.

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