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Jan 10, 2018 in Psychology

Schema Theory

Schema theory was constructed from the motor control theory in which the ideas from GMP were utilized as the primary constructs. Schmidt utilized the basic concept of the schema to establish ways in which the motor skills can be learned. The theory demonstrates the process that transpires in order to elucidate learning of quick or slow movements. The theory considers the learning process as a resultant of previous knowledge gains, experiences with other individuals, events or objects. However, the learning process may be attributable to cognitive processes. Knowledge from different experiences is organized and stored within the schemata. Individuals access the existing schema before the presentation of the exact instructions after which the materials are organized for completion of the relevant tasks. According to the conjecture, instructions assist individuals in adjusting their schemata through access of the previous knowledge, which in turn helps in the creation of new knowledge. Schemata are updated and improved through various processes including restructuring, accretion and tuning. According to the conjecture, theoretical or pedagogical models are constructed and specified to understand an individual's performance.

According to Schmidt, during learning, individuals learn generalized collection of rules that are applicable to different learning experiences. The theory asserts that learning comprises of continuing processes that entail updating of the recall and recognition schema according to each response that is generated. In learning, some information is accessible within the short-term memory for a short time lapse. The information consists of data on the initial conditions before certain movements are generated, the parameters that are allocated to the GMP, increased feedback regarding the upshots of the movement and the sensory outcomes of the movement. The theory further asserts that the variability of performance ought to advance motor learning. Learning process is influenced by both the degree of practice, as well as the variability of individual practice. Therefore, an augmented variability of practice generates stronger generalized motor program rules.

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