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Jan 10, 2018 in Technology

Market Update

Currently, the introduction of Web 2.0 has undermined the functionality of most marketing personnel as indicated in the case of B2B marketing. Its CEOs have not managed to obtain the best VP with the capability of undertaking all marketing activities. Consequently, most marketing executives have left their marketing positions due to inadequate skills or lack of Sales 2.0 resources (Rafferty, 2011). Improvements in internet-related activities have transformed B2B selling comprehensively. Consequently, those concerned about the firms products and services ought to learn and discover their concerns without internal assistance. This implies that live sales interactions are been avoided throughout, considering that calls are never answered, and customers have to search for sellers and sales reps within B2B never complete their annual quotas (Rafferty, 2011). The transformations within B2B have shift dependence on the marketing department with regards to sales representatives. The transformation process has commenced with digital marketing interactions with the target being evolution into personal selling (Rafferty, 2011).

This has demonstrated the need that marketing executives ought to acquire additional skills relating to technology and other resources that lacked in previous marketing years. The new platforms on Web 2.0 and Sales 2.0 necessitate acquisition of additional skills in order to improve resourcefulness at workplaces. The process may require acquisition skills through various skills that are mainly web-based. In response, sales together with marketing executives have embarked on measures for improving their skillfulness in these areas so as to survive this business process (Rafferty, 2011). This implies that technology has augmented the standards and complexities necessary for successful marketing activities. Most firms have been surpassed by their competitors, owing to their reluctance in acquiring Web 2.0 and Sales 2.0 skills (Rafferty, 2011). Therefore, unless individual companies finance their marketing executive learning or exploit competence from individuals with additional skills, CEOs might continue losing marketing executives and failing to acquire the needed personnel.

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