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Tips on Writing Cause and Effect Essays

What is a cause and effect essay? Many students ask this question as they don't see much difference between such papers and other academic assignments. However, cause and effect essays have several distinctive features. They investigate reasons and results of a certain phenomenon. Still, if you are writing a short paper, you need to focus on either causes or effects, not both of them as you will not be able to explore your topic in full. Therefore, if you need essay help, the following tips may come handy.

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Let's imagine that you are assigned to create a cause effect essay on 'Toxic Waste in Los Angeles'. If you need to write dozens of pages and explore your topic in detail, you may be able to discuss both, causes and effects. In such a case, it may be a wise idea to dedicate a half of your essay to the causes of toxic of waste and another half - to its effects. However, if your work should be only 3 pages long, it's better to focus on only one side of the problem and conduct thorough research. You can go to the library to find books and magazines that contain the needed information or you can surf the web and get all the needed evidence online. Also, make sure you choose only credible sources and relevant facts. In order to create excellent cause and effect essays, it may be beneficial to brainstorm and come up with as many ideas as possible.

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For example, what causes of toxic waste in Los Angeles do you know? Many students may suppose that fossil fuels, waste materials from textile, pharmaceutical and electronic manufacturers can contribute to the problem of toxic waste. Any of your ideas regarding the aforementioned topic can be developed into a 2 or 3 page paper. Furthermore, you can either choose the major cause and investigate it in depth or opt for several causes and write about them.

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