Self And Society

In the last three decades of the twentieth century, sociologists have begun to incorporate emotions into the sociological analysis by theorizing and empirically studying. They have emphasized the social dimension of emotions, placing an individual in a context and examining how social structures and culture influence the emergence and development of emotions. Details >>

Child Development

Like any other parent, I longed to understand the different stages of my child’s development, and how I would support her positively. Immediately she was about two years of age, I started seeking information about enrolling her into a nursery school... Details >>

Gender-Related Challenges

It is known that the rapid technological development led to the blurring the boundaries between the male and female roles. As a result, it launched the struggle for gender equity, which took place in the second half of the former century, --women liberalization... Details >>

Marriage Happiness for Women

Marriage is sacred and a blessed union between two people. However, it could be faced with some challenges that are evident depending on the period. Today, the fight for gender equality has changed the view of workout for women, as it has created open-mindedness... Details >>

The World of Men and Women

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds”, but a clever woman can always find a variety of opportunities how to reach her goals if a wise man is next to her. (Francois Bacon n.p.). Women and men differ from each other, but they must be equal... Details >>

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Employees that are unhappy with their workplace are a common phenomenon. They continually grumble wishing that they had a better job, or... Details >>