Single-parent Families in Europe: Their Past and Present

Since the earliest times of human history the family is considered a very important building block of the community and society. Despite the fact that the humanity has always relied on... Details >>

Behavior Analyst

A Behavioral Intervention Plan is usually necessary in cases where a person or a member of a group displays some weird and dangerous behavior that may harm... Details >>

Evolution: The Common Thread throughout Psychology

Psychology is the study of behavior and mental functions and their relationship in individuals. The study encompasses consideration of broad aspects and subjects in the field of human behavior. As a result, different theories were developed to help group various factors of psychology into diverse specialties. Ultimately, it is easier to analyze the factors that affect the mental and emotional reactions of different people in the world. However, despite the differentiation in the types of psychology research, some ... Details >>

Image of an Ideal Teenager in the 1950s

Every epoch, century, or even decade has particular norms and tendencies that serve as an example of a proper behavior, appearance, and personality. The middle of the twentieth century outlined its characteristics of an ideal person. Early in the 1950s, plenty of educational films were released, which aimed at presenting perfect patterns of social behavior, personal life, attitude to studying and relaxing, as well as relationships with family and friends. All these short movies, which now seem to be ... Details >>

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communication as the tool of establishing personal communication becomes the subject of analysis in the research paper. The research question to be answered in this paper is the following: What are the methods and principles of interpersonal communication that help to improve and make personal communication more effective? The main ideas that are to be discussed in the paper are means of effective verbal communication, the importance of non-verbal communication as well as ... Details >>

Overcoming Bullying through Prevention Awareness

Many schools confront the discipline problem of bullying. Bullying is an undesirable and anti-social behavior that undermines the quality of life. The effects of bullying are long lasting, and they scar the victims forever by knocking their self-esteem and confidence. Although bullying is mostly deliberate, it is crucial to educate the bullies since most do not know how much they are hurting their victims. Bullies are vulnerable and in need of help to change as in the case of Antonio. The educators have the ... Details >>