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Criminal Justice

Bureaucracy determines how activities are conducted with any organization or group and relates to the existing chain of... Details >>

The Concept of Justice, Harmony, and Virtue

The concept of justice, harmony, and virtue is a concept used in society to explain how the three aspects of societal existence are applicable in the lives of people. The term concept indicates that it is a clearly thought-out idea that has been determined to be able to generate some positive result... Details >>

Expert Witnesses and Scientific Evidence

Expert witnesses have a professional, ethical and legal obligations to ensure that their evidence in court adheres to the scientific method i.e. is reliable and accurate. Details >>

Bloodstains and the Crime Scene

The current paper presents the basic information about bloodstain pattern analysis at the crime scene as well as provides a discussion of various issues associated with the process of blood investigation Details >>

Rational Choice Theory

The theory of rational choices forms a background to various political, economic, and social theories. It presumes that an individual makes a decision based on the analysis of information of presented objects and consequences of this decision. Details >>