Criminal Justice

Bureaucracy determines how activities are conducted with any organization or group and relates to the existing chain of command. The existing bureaucracy in most organizations and groups undermines the establishment of other systems that assist in providing better service. However, bureaucracy within certain organization may be assistive of processes and provides the potential management for the organization.

In article 1, bureaucracy is the barrier towards utilization of technological advancement within workplace. However, most organizations have realized the imperativeness of technological transformation and integration of the contemporary technological platforms into the workplace environment. Consequently, this will reduce complexities associated with handling workplace activities and ensuring mobility in service delivery.


In article 3, organizational structures and systems have been considered the most effective through their integration of constant evaluation or assessment of its employees and openness. Jack Welch approach is viewed the most effective in the provision of efficient workforce and preparation of potential management for organizations. The constant evaluation and ruthless honesty that was evident in General Electric through Jack Welch, demonstrate the secret that lie within effective governance for General Electric together with constant success (Murray, 2004)).

In article 4, the existing police force is evaluated against the military model since it is assumed that the police force utilizes the military bureaucratic systems. These systems within the military and police force are dependent on the chain of command, and they require service without questions to the top officers (Cowper, 2000). Therefore, despite the knowledge that police officers bear regarding certain situations, the systems that they utilize cannot allow exploitation of the vast knowledge due to the existing bureaucracy (Cowper, 2000). This implies that bureaucracy undermines the provision of non-violent peacekeeping, considering that bureaucracy undermines the concept of strategic and tactical decision-making (Cowper, 2000).


The articles demonstrate the imperativeness of adopting effective structures that ensure effective service conveyance without much consideration of the existing bureaucratic systems. In addition, the articles demonstrate that different organizations or groups ought to embrace bureaucratic systems that suit their organizational objectives. Groups or organizations ought to adjust their systems in accordance to the present technological systems for effective delivery.

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