Pablo Tac Biography

Pablo Tac, a Luiseno Indian scholar and historian, was born at Mission San Luis Rey in the village of Quechla back in 18... Details >>

Roman Civilization Essay

The Aeneid is poetic work written by Virgil in the Latin language during the ending of the 1st century. The entire story revolves around a man known as Aeneas who migrated to Italy. Aeneas later became the roman people ancestor. The contents of the poem are retrieved... Details >>

History of Music Essay

A major mark in the 20th century music is the advent of technology and the influences through which developing technology affected music (Melnick, 2009). Advanced technology provided for the ability to offer more effective forms of recording, distributing, and dramatizing music. Details >>


There are many books written about the Holocaust. Schindler’s Ark (1982) by Thomas Keneally, a prototype of Steven Spielberg’s movie Schindler’s List (1993), tells the story of saving thousands of Jews by a German businessman, Oscar Schindler. The Diary of Anne Frank (1942-1944) is a book about... Details >>

Reform Of Socialist States

The last quarter of the 20th century was full of different rather important events in the life of the world. Maybe, the most significant actions of this time were the attempts of changing a political and economic structure of two biggest states. These are China and the Soviet Union. Details >>

The History and Development of the Coca Leaf

The historical background of coca leaf has not always been clear. However, some scholars claim that it has already been used as early as 8,000 years ago. The plant has continued to be used to date, even though its use has remained controversial... Details >>