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Education is a fascinating process where some people have proper knowledge and experience to teach whereas others want to get some part of this knowledge and become their students. In ancient societies, when people survived with the help of gathering bands and hunting, informal education was widespread. The older members of the community shared their experience with their children or grandchildren. Children acquired new knowledge and skills, which could help them imitate the activities of the older members of the society. Of course, in these societies, the educational process was rather informal, however, with the development of the society into a more complex unit, informal education transformed into systematic training. New educational institutions appeared though education became a privilege of the rich people only.

Until about one century ago, children of wealthy parents were educated by private tutors. The children from aristocratic families learned how to read, write, and calculate properly. At the same time, most of the population did not have wide access to education services until the first decades of the 19th century when the system of primary schools appeared first in Europe and then in other countries.

Nowadays, education supplements information that can be provided to children at home so that they could live and grow successfully in the surrounding environment. Today, education is a complex system that involves numerous people, educational institutions, and other facilities necessary for the successful transferring of knowledge from one generation to another.

Contemporary schools do much more than just teach students how to read, write, and calculate. They make an attempt to shape their behavior, teach ethical values acceptable in a society, teach the basic skills for their social and physical development, and do many other important things.

The process of industrialization and cities expansion contributed to the growth of specialized schooling. Nowadays, people work in the fields, which require specific knowledge, that cannot be passed from parents to children. Consequently, formal education became the necessary condition for getting a well-paid job and obtaining a certain status in society. In the present-day world, education allows people to broaden their mental horizons and access status mobility. As such, having a decent education is not a privilege anymore; it is a must for those, who want to live a successful life full of opportunities and benefits.

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Basically, the essential aims of education are as follows:

  • To gain knowledge;
  • To understand the ways of living a full life;
  • To obtain the consciousness about the rights and duties in the community.

Basically, education is a social institution, which has close relations with the other institutions including religious, economic, political, and family institutions. However, education is not limited to these fields as it has a strong influence on other fields as well.

To summarize, education is the process that includes teaching and learning, usually in a school or any other educational institution. It is difficult to underestimate the importance of this process since it contributes to the individual`s intellectual and physical development.

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