Abruptio Placentae Essay

Abruptio placentae is a partial or total detachment of a normally implanted placenta from the uterine wall during pregnancy or delivery. The current statistical data testify to the significance of this health care issue. The incidence of placental abruption is associated with high rates... Details >>

Safeguarding In Health And Social Care Organization

An abuse can be defined as an act done to a person that harms him or her in a certain way. The act may occur once or continuously over a period and can either be deliberate or accidental. Abuse can be in form of physical, sexual, psychological and financial or neglect Details >>

Smoking and Tobacco Use

The contemporary society is extremely developed and technologically advanced in all respects. As a result, it can solve many health problems with the help of new drugs, treatment methods, and intervention strategies. Besides, people become increasingly aware of various existing social, environmental... Details >>

The Benefits of Using Fitness Apps

The application of technology in healthcare and nutrition is growing and becoming more useful to all the stakeholders. This includes patients, medical practitoners and numerous average people with the desire to keep track of their nutrition. It is, in part, because of their popularity... Details >>

Health and Youth

The prevalence of diabetes is significantly increased among the youth around the world. For instance, D'Adamo and Caprio discuss a study presented to... Details >>

Amphetamine Addiction

The following research is dedicated to the study amphetamine addiction. In particular, the work describes the physiological effect of this drug, i.e. its influence on the human body, including the cellular level. It also describes the mechanism of the development of amphetamine... Details >>

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