Epidemiology Paper - Chickenpox

Chickenpox is an infectious disease that is commonly associated with young children. It, nonetheless, can be found in adults though this is not common place. In most cases this would occur in an adult who has a weakened immune system probably one who has contract Hiv/Aids... Details >>

Genetic Cancer

Genetic nature of cancer can be analysed from two perspectives: cancer genetics and cancer genomics. Genetic inclination to cancer is stipulated by some inherited genetic defects. Tumor progression is also genetically determined by the accumulation of distinct... Details >>

Truth About Drugs

There have been several stories about drugs circulating in the world, at schools, on the streets, TV, and internet. Some of the information about the drugs is true, and some of it is not. Most of this information actually comes from the drug sellers. For in instance, most reformed drug dealers who have confessed that they would do or say anything to make the users buy their drugs. Such information give the notion to the youths and teens that drugs are here to make them feel relaxed and that ... Details >>

Mental Health

Individual mental health depends on numerous circumstances including social and economic factors, environmental comfort, proper living conditions, and physical health. Furthermore, these factors impact each other as well, especially social and economic peculiarities that may define whether a person can afford certain vital goods. Details >>

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