Obstacles in Adjusting to New Technology in a Family Business

Our family operates a warehouse that has stagnated for a very long time due to failure to embrace technology in its operations. The company uses old inventory system, lacks CCTV cameras and has poorly motivated employees. Such challenges have greatly affected the performance of the warehouse... Details >>

Operational Plan

Charion Millers Company is a sugar producing company, which has been in existence for 30 years. Its mission is to be the best sugar producing company in the world and its vision is to be a leader in the quality sugar production. The company also has some core values upon which it operates. Details >>

Personal Assessment of Management Skills

Current paper will report on the results of assessment tests, analyze what results mean to me and my capabilities as a manager and propose a specific plan for maintaining and improving my time management skills. In order to achieve aforementioned goals and identify areas in my professional... Details >>

Architecture Essay

Fraser and Asher have been presented as two artists who have engaged widely and challenged the situation of the museum becoming a physical, architectural site and a larger cultural apparatus. Both artists remark that museums are usually wrong in the manner, in which they offer their art presentation... Details >>

Electronic Commerce, Information Technology and Ethics

Online presence is a new way that a business can take advantage of in order to grow and increase profitability. E-commerce promises to drive business strategy... Details >>

Internet and Digital Technologies in Business

I used to work in the head quarters of Vivint Company, a security and home automation company dealing with sensors and detectors, high-speed Internet solutions and local cloud storage services... Details >>

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