Tips on Writing Critical Essay

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Essays of the critical variety are a genre of writing that allows a tutor to see if or how well their students are able to think in a critical manner and get their ideas onto paper. This type of writing usually expects three key skills, which are the ability to read, think critically, and write effectively. A critical lens essay usually adheres to a prescribed format consisting of an introductory paragraph, a few body paragraphs (usually three), and a concluding paragraph.


What are Critical Essays?

This genre of essay is a type that evaluates how good the writer’s critical thinking skills are and how well they are able to express their unique ideas in writing. And, as already noted, three primary skills are required. It is equally important that the writer carefully prepares for their writing project as it is to actually write the essay.

Essays of this type (as is the case with other essay) often appear in written exams where an assignment is set out in phrase or statement form and the student is required to relate the question to a couple of literary pieces.

Structure of a Critical Essay

There is a general fixed format for an essay. This essay type requires the student to choose two pieces of literature and three literary terms as points for discussion. Additionally, the student needs to understand the rules of capitalization and apply them in the correct manner. Titles should be all capitalized. The writer should underline the titles of books and use quotes for the title of short stories. In most cases, an essay is comprised of these elements:

Introductory Paragraph

The quote is introduced in the first or opening sentence. After this, the writer should offer an interpretation of that quote to show they understand what it means. The next step is saying whether the quote is one you agree with or not. The title of the book(s) you will be talking about need to be mentioned along with an explanation as to how your chosen quote is relevant to these. Do not forget that all titles should be spelled, punctuated, and capitalized correctly.

It is best to use a third person pronoun or such words as “people,” “readers,” “they” and so on rather than such personal pronouns as “you,” “I,” “me,” “my,” and “we.”

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Body Paragraphs (Usually Three)

First Paragraph: The quote you interpreted in the introductory paragraph should be restated in the first of your essay’s body paragraphs.

Second Paragraph: Use the second of your body paragraphs to give the title(s) of the first literary piece you are attempting to analyze and state briefly its relationship with your chosen quote.

Third Paragraph:You should use the third (and last) body paragraph to talk about the second piece of literature you have chosen and to explain how this relates to your chosen quote.

You should provide exacting examples from each literary piece to support your quote. And one last thing: remember to provide a link between the book and your interpretation of the quote.

Concluding Paragraph

The concluding paragraph should sum-up the main points or ideas from your essay. It is highly advisable that you do not repeat word by word from your introductory paragraph. And remember, your essay should end with the quote you used to open it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Critical Essay

  1. Read your chosen quote carefully.
  2. You should try rewriting this quote in words of your own choosing.
  3. The quote will need to be analyzed.
  4. Decide if you agree with the quote or disagree with it.
  5. Give the names of the two pieces of literature you are using in support of your stance.
  6. Develop a brief summary of both texts and say how these support or do not support your chosen quote.
  7. Do your best to draw literary themes or elements into any argument you are putting forward, but do not do this to excess. Do this in the introductory and first of your body paragraphs.
  8. Focus the first body paragraph on what you read (i.e. the book) and show how this text lends support to your view or interpretation of the chosen quote.
  9. If any one paragraph seems overly long, it can be broken up into a couple of smaller paragraphs i.e. two.
  10. Adopt the same structure and order for your second body paragraph, but apply these to the second text.
  11. For your concluding paragraph, develop a brief summary of what you have already written.
  12. Your thesis will also need to be restated in the concluding paragraph with an explanation of how this is supported by your selected texts.


Essential Literary Elements

Bearing the above structure to the forefront of your mind, remember to include the literary components listed below:

  • Follow the plot: Follow the plot according to the sequence everything occurred.
  • Describe the setting: Show readers you know where and at what time the action in the book took place.
  • Discuss any prominent theme(s): Show readers you have grasped the main idea in the book.
  • Your viewpoint: Let readers know what your own viewpoint of the literary piece is.
  • Pay attention to tone: Describe your own attitude towards the literary piece, the characters in it, and so on.
  • Use flashback: Be prepared to describe past events in your present writing.
  • Choose language that is figurative: Use alliteration, metaphors, and similes.
  • Use foreshadowing techniques: Use clues or hints that predict or suggest what may next happen.

Be prepared to interpret your chosen quote from your reading of the selected books. Adhering to the above tips should enable you to write an excellent and intelligent-sounding essay. Furthermore, your readers will be convinced you understand your topic in intimate detail. When writing such type of an essay, the primary aim is persuading your readers to agree with your point of view. If in doubt, order an essay from and let our expert writers help you create a winning essay!

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