The History of Mathematics in the Ancient China

It is common knowledge that mathematics is the science of quantitative relations and spatial forms of the real world. However, to be able to investigate these forms and relations in their pure form, it is necessary to separate them entirely from their content, putting it aside as irrelevant. Details >>


Arabicization is one of the most contradicting aspects of Arab life nowadays. People in Arabic countries seem to forget their national roots and start to forget their own language while being westernized. The language, as the trait of the cultural identity, suffers the unfair war with other languages that seem to be more recently used. Details >>

Gender/Feminism and Witchcraft

Witchcraft has been a key point of focus for most sociologist for the last few decades due to its continuous influence in the modern society. The issue of witchcraft emerged in the community initially as a healing practice but later associated with dark magic and use of spells, which caused harm to the society. Details >>

The Tea Party Movement

The Tea Party Movement is the American political and social right movement that was targeted on the reduction of the national debt, enormous high tax rate, and the government spending. Details >>