Developed Nations (England)

If a country could be described with a simple phrase, then England would be called a “world shaker”. Dating back to the times when the very first stones of Stonehenge where set at their present places and until the beginning of the 21st century, this little island-country had... Details >>

Seven Years War

In the XVIII, century the wars in Europe considerably influenced the succession of events around the world. France and Great Britain got started a fight for colonial possession, which later decided destinies of the whole continents having become a colonial war... Details >>

How Did Japanese Occupation from 1941-1945 affect the History of HK

The Japanese occupation of Hong Kong commenced on December 25, 1941 after Sir Mark Young, the Governor of Hong Kong by then, had surrendered the land of Hong Kong to Japan. This surrender took place after 18 days of aggressive battle between Canadian and British defenders and the overwhelming Japanese Imperial militaries. Eventually, the occupation continued for 3 years and 8 months. This paper seeks to analyze the implications of the Japanese occupation to the people of Hong Kong and find how the ... Details >>

American History

All of the announcements are a reflection of the social events, of ideas, values and lifestyle. Analyzes of the announcements provides researchers with the needed information and helps better understanding of the worldview of the society. Details >>

American History: Revolutionary War

The Revolutionary War that lasted between 1775 and 1783 was a major step towards the self-independence of the United States. The war began as a result of the battle between British troops and the colonists' military who were based in Lexington and Concord in early 1775. Details >>

Women In The Chinese Art History

Chinese art is primarily focused on male artists. For this reason, women are not represented properly, despite the fact that they have played a great role in the Chinese art history not only as models but also as artists. Details >>