Mood Indigo by Boris Vian

Existentialist philosophers, such as Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, and Heidegger, developed their ideas about human and being in response to a loss of faith and the general optimistic mood in Europe (Existentialism). Details >>

Three Dimensions of Conscience by Richard Gula

oral values orient a person in their behavior not only due to the fact that it is profitable or pleasant for one to accept them in decisions and actions. Nevertheles, these values have an impact on a person's will and are usually proclaimed in such a way that points the need for their practical implementation in action. Details >>

Family Stressors and Strengths

Family stressors and strengths determine the direction of the unit as they inform the ability of the family to cope with challenges. It is crucial to point out that it is not whether contemporary families have challenges or not but rather their preparedness to address and hence overcome them. Details >>

Effects of First Impression on Perception of Others

Psychologists define first impression as the very first event when one person meets another individual and has an encounter by forming a mental image about the latter. The picture created varies from one person to the other; impression depends on the observer and the individual being observed. Details >>

Sources of Pressure among Young Asian-Americans

One of the current Asian cultures is education, which is of high importance to many of them. Current statistics show that almost a half of all Asian-American adults are educated because at minimum, most have a college degree. Details >>

Domestic Abuse

Every person in the world needs to have a secure and safe home that is free of violence. When some situations go wrong in the environment, each adult or a child considers the home as a place of comfort, assist, and support. However, for many people, mostly women and children, it is far from a safe place... Details >>