The World of Men and Women

'A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds', but a clever woman can always find a variety of opportunities how to reach her goals if a wise man is next to her. (Francois Bacon n.p.). Women and men differ from each other, but they must be equal according to their rights and liberties including even household chores and common duties. Even if it seems that women complete more deeds than men perform, men also deserve respect and understanding not taking into account their male behavior and attitude to women. Thus, women experience many difficulties to balance home and work, but men claim that they are breadwinners, who work hard and need much rest. In such a way, the society makes women unequal to men because of gender, but both men and women can similarly take part in social life to become leaders at work by building their careers and parents at home by bringing up children.


Women possess many various possibilities to fulfill domestic work and reach the success in a career to prove that they can set necessary goals and reach the success. “They think they have to choose between having a career and having a family” (Slaughter 87). However, most of the courageous women combine the domestic sphere and do not disrupt a well-paid work while pointing out to men that they must focus on children’s upbringing. As for men, they do not have any slightest desire to help their wives to look after children because of the overall human opinion that it is not a male duty. Such men consider themselves as traditional “breadwinners” whose main function is to be in charge of the financial issue. Moreover, the society still concentrates on the idea that men reject to divide duties into male and female, because they claim that a particular part of the household chores and a constant upbringing of children relate just to women. Thus, the most essential thing for men is to become successful in the career even if they can also be great fathers. The financial aspect is vital for all men as it determines the importance of the male priorities and self-assertion.

Women sacrifice their health in order to compel men to respect them not just women but as good professionals as well. A considerable part of American women manage to “combine professional success and satisfaction with a real commitment to family” as they are not ready to give up and struggle with men against different forms of oppression (Slaughter 89). Women are blessed to be mothers, wives, and professionals in careers despite the fact they live under male pressure to stay at home. However, because of the current progress, women can take leadership positions to reveal their skills and abilities to rule the companies and sign the contract with other famous firms. It is evident that women have inherited great opportunities to get high ranks, and men must accept this fact that women can be visible. Nowadays, millions of the working mothers are single, and they do not have any male support but try to solve the problems by combating a large number of various life circumstance. It is hard to find a respectable job to feed the whole family, and women even combine several jobs as the suggested wages do not bring enough money to survive. Thus, women can do everything for the sake of their families, and men do not have any right to say that women cannot be equal to men. 

During the past years, many issues relate to women, and their rights have been altered dramatically, but the question of inequality is still under a great concern. Today’s battle of sexes between men and women is too evident because both genders have several similarities and differences. Many researchers state that men and women are fundamentally different according to the social aspects of life including the way they speak, muse, perceive the world, and resolve the difficulties they encounter either in career or at home. Exploring the questions of genders, people focus on the gender politics and gender theory, in general. It means that there are no precise differences between men and women as for the political views. Nevertheless, a large number of men do not recognize female equality and reject any opportunity to alter their position in the society.  Men do not allow women to have the same privileges, but, namely, women make gender visible. Besides, this issue refers to sex and sexuality because a large part of young women experience sexual assaults and harassment because of the existing gender inequality.

Men categorize women according to their gender and outer appearance as they do not perceive women as serious rivals. The point is that men do not value women’s intellectual skills as all male views are connected with the conception of the ideal body. In this case, women attempt to look like top models and suffer from regular depression and constant eating disorders. Perhaps, it is a so-called female protest against gender inequality, and women make considerable attempts to reveal who they are, and what they can reach in life except bearing children and fulfilling the household chores. American women create their careers and gain their rights to be free and independent in their attempt to participate in social life. The worst is that women suffer from the violation of the rights to have a free choice to choose what they really want. The existing American democracy only develops the female inequality as men are against the female superiority, and men do not put women on the same place thoroughly sharing their positions in the society. They do not accept the idea that it is not necessary to divide women’s duties to point out a lower position of every single woman in the society. Instead of accepting female dignity, men concentrate only on the so-called domestic employment. In fact, men do not force American women to complete the household chores, but democratic principles do not confirm that women are definitely superior to the male intellect.

The society and American culture show men the conception of masculinity based on violence and rude attitude toward women. Men do not pay attention to the male qualities they possess but they extremely focus on their physical power and independence to define their dignity. Today, social media makes men concentrate on their outer appearance instead of the development of the male intellectual skills, because the male domination is the most significant issue for the male self-assertion. Moreover, men also resemble male media icons that demonstrate excessive strength and too much power even if such attitude is offensive for others. Media represents men in a wrong way, and it affects the question of gender inequality despite the fact that it destructs social life of both men and women. As a result, this presentation of men has a negative impact on the male sub-consciousness and behavior. 

On the other hand, women can be leaders either in computer science or in politics. Focusing on female inequality, the society does not pay attention that “young men in the US are in trouble by any measure of educational attainment” (Kaplan n.p.). Many men worry that more women get higher education, but they are sure that women are not so clever to be computer scientists or engineers. They explain that the world of the advanced technologies is too difficult for women. However, the main question is still not understandable why women do not pursue in scientific careers despite the fact that women are also good at science, engineering, technology, and math. Women have the same scientific rates and can perform any difficult operations as well.  Perhaps, young girls think that their knowledge is worse than boys have and try to avoid the computer courses, but, in fact, it also refers to the existing stereotypes. In this case, women usually go medical college and attempt to connect their careers with such branches as biology and chemistry. They believe that they can change their position in the society by choosing a needed profession, which will be useful and valuable by other people. Perhaps, the only “best hope for improving the lot of women is to elect the President and fifty women senators” (Slaughter 89). This measure will represent women in an equal way suggesting all the necessary support. 

Men can balance their career and family as well, but not all of them long for this union. Many issues relate to the ambitions and their growth during life as most of men long for the executive positions, and they can do it. In contrast to men, women take the highest ranks too but they get lower salaries. Even Richard Dorment indicates that “Institutional sexism and pay discrimination are still ugly realities” (Dorment n.p.). He emphasizes the question of gender inequality, and it is unfair as women work the same way based on the same functions performed by men. Nevertheless, it is evident that he protects men and does not support women, who want be more powerful than men. Undoubtedly, both men and women have similar perspectives to find a good job, but men used to give up, and it makes women superior to men. Certainly, men do not accept this fact, because it disgraces their male dignity. However, nobody prohibits men to get high incomes, and everything depends on their intentions and abilities to set new goals in life. 

In conclusion, the question of gender inequality remains unanswered as everything relates to the male perspective. Women can be equal according to their rights to reach the success in their career, because they know how to balance home and work, but men reject this fact all the time being unable to reveal their male opportunities. Certainly, women experience a large variety of difficulties connected with work positions, unfair salaries, sexual assaults, and harassment. However, they continue struggling with the violation of the female rights and make considerable effort to prove their superiority over men. As for men, they try to insist on such opinion that women start pressing them as they have fewer possibilities than women in education. Thus, gender inequality refers to one of the most significant problems of the twenty-first century. 

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'A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds', but I think that a clever woman can always find a variety of opportunities how to reach her goals if a wise man is next to her. (Francois Bacon n.p.). Women try to oppose men all the time as they just want to prove their rights and liberties to be as successful as men are. It relates not only to the household chores but the careers as well because women deserve to have a respectable job despite the fact that women are weak creatures and more vulnerable than men are. However, the main question is to reveal the most significant challenges both men and women face today if there is inequality between men and women in all spheres of life. 

The society, its laws, and old stereotypes separate men and women according to their gender and the appropriate possibilities they can have. In fact, we live in the twenty-first century, which must not limit either men or women if they want to get higher education to become political leaders or teachers. The problem of the modern society is that people blindly follow the existing stereotypes that men must be breadwinners forever, and women can sit at home to bring up their children. It is evident that the mankind has created these old norms, and it is rather difficult to go ahead not leaving the existing stereotypes far behind. 

However, it is high time to acknowledge that men can have and reach everything they need in life. I mean to be successful in education, career, and even to be loving husbands and caring fathers. Undoubtedly, men must be stronger than women, but they have the same opportunities. People must not pay attention to the fact that women are superior to men, and men are better officials. Frankly speaking, there is no reason to believe in the statistics that women are dominant in all social aspects of life as men are equal to women. Thus, the main thing is to have an irresistible desire to prove that a man is a real personality.

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