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Additional Services for an Affordable Price

Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a terrific service provided to our company customers, which allows them to keep track of the writing process of long dissertation and thesis papers. As a rule, this service is applicable to papers that start from 10 single-spaced pages or 20 double-spaced pages.

Benefits of Using This Service:

  1. Assigned writers will deliver paper sections prior to the deadline so that the client could make any specifications or just monitor how well the writer copes with the paper requirements.
  2. Customers get 30 days for free revision requests instead of the regular two days granted for short paper writing.
  3. When a customer places a long piece of writing and pays additionally for progressive delivery service, he/ she can be sure that only the most experienced and skillful professionals will work on the paper.
  4. The clients can use the service of a personal manager, who helps cooperate with the assigned writer in a more efficient and successful way.
  5. Authentic and plagiarism-free pieces of writing

Drafts are sent in the following way*:

  • When the client indicates that the order should be written within the timeframe of up to 4 days, then the writer will send only one draft comprising of 25% of the total research length and sent after 50% of the deadline passes.
  • When the client provides a deadline timeframe to the writer from 5 to 11 days, then there is an option of receiving two drafts: the first one is sent after 25% of the deadline expires and it contains 25% of the written text, and the second one is sent after 50% of the deadline is over and it has 50% of the required dissertation length.
  • When the customer can give 12 days or more for working on the paper, then three drafts will be sent: 1) consisting of 25% of the total word count limit and sent after 25% of the deadline ends; 2) consisting of 50% of the total word count limit and sent after 50% of the given time expires; and 3) containing 75% of the required paper length and sent after 75% of the time is over.

*You will get such an amazing service if you pay 15% extra to the total paper price.

If you have some other suggestions in what better ways you could receive the paper within progressive delivery service, then you are free to discuss any other possible options with your personal manager.

Any Format
Any Level
Any Subject
Any DeadLine


Summary writing is also an additional service that is offered by our reputable writing company. As a rule, summary writing entails one-page brief and concise summation (=300 words) of the whole paper. When writing the summary, your writer will pinpoint to the main points of the paper. This piece of writing is especially favorable to those who need to provide a presentation on the paper or deliver a report.


When you order this service, you will be able to get a one page from your whole paper. Actually, you can get either one single-spaced or double-spaced page depending on the page format of your ordered paper. All in all, drafts are sent to you after 50% of the deadline time has passed.

Extended Revision

With this service, you will be given 14 days to be able to send free revision requests. The service is particularly suitable for long papers because it is virtually impossible to revise a long paper within the regularly given 48 hours.