Canadian Studies Essay Topics: Get Some Fresh Ideas for Your Writing

The following Canadian study essay topics will help you bring more creativity and originality into your essay writing. Our professional writers will bring you a fresh perspective on how to write an interesting and quality essay on Canadian studies. Look through the list of Canadian study essay topics below and choose the best one for yourself.

  1. Discuss Frederick Marryat’s The Settlers in Canada: Written for Young People. 
  2. Discuss and analyze the principles of the Canadian immigration policy. 
  3. Provide a literary analysis of Alistair Macleod’s No Great Mischief.
  4. Investigate the history of Canada from the times of conquest to nowadays.
  5. The system of crime and punishment in the modern era. Apply the example of Canadian rules to investigate this topic.
  6. Put forward an argument regarding the corporal punishment issue in Canada.
  7. Discuss the role and place of Jesuits. 
  8. The relation of Native Indians to Canada.
  9. How has immigration affected Canada after the times of World War I?
  10. Explore the diplomatic relations between Canada and the UN.
  11. Provide a historical analysis of Dieppe Operation that took place on August 19, 1942. 
  12. Provide a discussion and evaluation of the Canadian Reform of 1900 – 1921. 
  13. The features and effectiveness of relations between the USA and Canada between 1710 and 1899.
  14. Do you agree that Canadians are a misogynist society?
  15. Investigate the presence of hatred within the Canadian ethnic groups. 
  16. Do you agree that Canadian immigration has two-side benefits?
  17. Investigate the concept of multiculturalism within the realm of Canadian immigration. 
  18. Analyze the foreign policy of Canada, particularly in relation to the USA.
  19. Provide a comparative analysis between the ethnic and religious communities in Canada.
  20. Investigate Michael Ondaatje’s Skin of a Lion and analyze the immigration topic in it. 
  21. Provide a comparison and contrast of the judicial systems in Canada, the USA, and Ireland.
  22. Do you think that Canada should evolve into a republic?
  23. Investigate patterns of immigration is different parts of Canada, namely Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. 
  24. Analyze the social and economic influence of the immigration policies in Canada. What are the advantages? What are the costs?
  25. The process of English language teaching in Canada. 
  26. Discuss the industry of periodicals in Toronto on the example of the popularity of newspapers. 
  27. Investigate the concept of self-determination on the example of Quebec.
  28. Canadian legislature and gender parity. 
  29. Support a claim for the death penalty in Canada.
  30. Discuss Mackenzie King and his role for the Canadians. 
  31. How has movie industry in Canada impacted the country’s economy?
  32. Bank merging in Canada.
  33. How are people with HIV/ AIDS perceived in Canada? Is there some kind of discrimination or stigmatization?
  34. What role does Canada play in maintaining peace in the whole world?
  35. Is there some kind of inequality between aboriginal and non-aboriginal groups in Canada?
  36. Investigate the case of obligatory voting in Canada.
  37. What role did Canada play in the World War II?
  38. Do you agree that Singapore and Canada are the most educated states in the whole world?
  39. What were the main causes and effects of the Great Depression that faced Canada in 1929 – 1939?
  40. How can you stand against the issue of corporal punishment in Canada?
  41. Canadian silent revolution: investigate the wealth and gender issues in English Canada.
  42. What three major Canadian exports led to success in Canadian economy?
  43. Do you agree that Canada has an ongoing crisis of identity? Provide supporting evidence and argumentation. 
  44. Discuss and analyze Canada’s success at Vimy Ridge. 
  45. Discuss different periods throughout the history of Canada and investigate their significance. 
  46. Analyze from the economic perspective the economic and trade relations of Canada with the USA.
  47. Do you agree that Canada belongs to the group of post-industrial states?
  48. Identify the major neo-liberal policies in the Canadian government. 
  49. Do you agree that desertification is a pressing problem for Canadians?
  50. Discuss and analyze the issue of marijuana legalization. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  51. Discuss and critically analyze the aspect of sustainable development of Canada in the era of globalization. 
  52. Has official bilingualism affected Canada on the cultural and other levels? 
  53. Do you agree that there is a strong need of proportional representation for the Canadian government?
  54. How is racism vivid in the Canadian society?
  55. Express your opinion on Canada’s choice of soft power. 
  56. Is there a pressing problem of unemployment among the Canadian immigrants?
  57. Compare and contrast the healthcare system in the USA and Canada.
  58. What effect does the organizational change have on Canada?
  59. How has economic imperialism influenced the process of colonization in Canada?
  60. Discuss the peculiarities of the Canadian governmental system.
  61. Is LGBTQ still a reason for societal conflicts in Canada?
  62. Discuss the Great Depression that took place in Canada in the 1930s. What are its aftermaths?
  63. How does multiculturalism and bilingualism in Canada impact the process of education and the school climate?
  64. Does Canada effectively distribute and generate energy?
  65. What are the pros and cons of Canada’s admission to the Trans-Atlantic Partnership?
  66. Discuss and evaluate the legal system, racism, and prejudice in Canada. 
  67. Does Canada have some difficulties with the aspect of cultural identity?
  68. How do ideas from the past conflict in Canada with the modern ones? 
  69. The conviction procedure of adult offenders in Canada.
  70. Explore the rates of delinquency among female juveniles in Canada.
  71. Austrian immigrants in Canada.
  72. Informational technology and communication in Canada.
  73. The role of unions in the system of Canadian employment.
  74. Discuss the wars Canada took part in. What role did Canada play?
  75. Does Canada play a specific role of a peacekeeper worldwide?
  76. Social reform in Canada and its impact on the country’s welfare.
  77. Canada and the Cold War. 
  78. What role do ethnic minorities in Canada play in the political and social power?
  79. Investigate Canada’s position in the global village.
  80. How is gun ownership controlled in Canada? 
  81. American Revolution and the role of Canada.
  82. John Dales and the national policies of Canada.
  83. Canadian anti-globalization move. 
  84. Analyze Ken Adachi’s The Enemy That Never Was. 
  85. E. J. Errington’s Wives and Mothers.
  86. Provide a comparison and contrast essay on the health care and education in the USA and Canada.
  87. Discuss and analyze the Indian Policy in Canada.
  88. Investigate the core features of Canadian entrepreneurship.
  89. The community of Sikh in Canada.
  90. Explore the features of the nationalistic ideology in Canada.

Shortly, these were some of the most interesting and creative Canadian studies essay topics. Choose the best for you and be ready to submit an original essay.