Essay Topics for Medea, a Famous Greek Tragedy

The tragic play “Medea” by Euripidesis studied in universities across the globe. Despite the fact that this oeuvre was written before the Common Era, it has remained topical even in the world of digital technologies. Perhaps, people are fascinated by this tragedy, as such themes as vulnerable femininity, infidelity, and vengeance are meticulously revealed there. 

Students who delve into literature-related disciplines always have “Medea” on their syllabus. Sometimes, there are various assignments related to in-depth discussions of this legendary work. Professors also instigate challenges, encouraging you to seek the most compelling essay topics for Medea on your own. We would like to present remarkable topics regarding Euripides’ creation. Choose the one that speaks to you most. 

  1. The Failed Justice of Creon. Why He Could not stop Medea. 
  2. The Clearly Visible Themes of Gender Roles Inequalityin “Medea”. 
  3. Can Medea’s Broken Oath be Vindicated? 
  4. Imagine Yourself as a Spectator of “Medea” at the Dionysia. Elucidate your perception.  
  5. Does Medea Reveal Major Features of an Ancient Greek Tragedy?
  6. Was Medea’sVengeanceDisguised or Apparent? 
  7. Can we call Medea an Overly Emotional Woman? 
  8. Medea’s Self-perception in Male-controlledSociety.
  9. Medea and Lysistrata: Contrasting Images of Women in Greek Tragedy and Comedy.
  10. The Reality of Infanticide in Ancient Greece. Searching for Historic Prototypes. 
  11. Was Medea and Jason’s Relationship Doomed Right from the Start? 
  12. When Men Are Given Rights to Decide a Woman’s Fate, the Inevitable Happens.
  13. Medea's Character Viewed from the Author’s Perspective.
  14. The Most ProvocativeEssay Topics for Medea. 
  15. Medea’s Psychological Type. Freudian Parallels. 
  16. Jason and Creon Knew Medea Had Witchcraft Skills. Why DidThey Not Stop Her? 
  17. The Dangers of Dysfunctional Marriage. 
  18. Could Deities Influence Medea’s Radical Actions?
  19. Medea as an Egocentric Antihero.

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  1. Plotting herRevenge: Steps Medea Took.
  2. The Notions of Radical Feminism in the Tragedy by Euripides.
  3. The Harmful Symbol of Matriarchal Governance.
  4. Why Euripides Decided to Breach the Code of Moral Ethics.
  5. The Degree of Disgrace. Medea’s Deeds in the Eyes of Others Versus the Self-condemnation. 
  6. Essay Topics for Medea that Unravel Signs of the Unhealthy Family. 
  7. The Delusive Infatuation. What Would Have Happened if Medea Had Not Helped Jason to Run Away? 
  8. Medea and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. 
  9. Why “Medea” Takes the Distinctive Place in theHellenistic Theater. 
  10. Discriminatory Ways of Thinking towards Foreigners and Medea’s Barbarian Roots. 
  11. The Original“Medea” Compared to Its Modern Embodiments in Theatre and Cinema. 
  12. Dead Children and the Chariot: Symbols of Defamed Femininity. 
  13. Medea: A Villain or a Tragic Heroine? 
  14. Dualistic Nature of Medea. The Victim and the Culprit. 
  15. Justifiable Motives along with Unforgivable Deeds. 
  16. Medea's Criticism of Male-dominated World. 
  17. The Influence of Medea on Modern Women. 
  18. Turn into Medea’s Devil’s Advocate. How Would You Support Her? 
  19. Medea’s Manipulation Tactics. When Intelligence Becomes Evil. 
  20. Were Medea’s Maternal Instincts Lost? 
  21. Medea as a Symbol of Disillusionment with Men.

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When you are studying literature and languages, you will need to write a Medea essay demonstrating your research, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Medea is a famous example of Greek mythology, which covers different important issues and concepts such as love, revenge, betrayal, and many others. No wonder that this work is widely discussed in many essays, research papers, PowerPoint presentations, and other papers. The problem is that this myth has been analyzed so many times that it is particularly challenging to create a new and interesting paper. If you are looking for great Medea essay topics, then you are just in the right place. For many years of their work, our writers have worked on multiple topics related to this piece and they know how to write a paper that can impress the most demanding educator. Keep reading our guide and you will definitely understand what subject to choose for your Medea essay. 

Your Medea essay can have different forms. For instance, you may write an analytical essay, a cause and effect essay, a compare and contrast essay, or any other paper type. If you need to write a research paper, you will have to look for credible and peer-reviewed academic sources in which Medea was analyzed. As such, the choice of the topic of your essay greatly depends on the type of paper you will need to write. 

No matter what kind of essay you will need to write and what topic you will choose for your Medea essay, you will need to make your paper engaging, compelling, and detailed. Also, you may find many websites with ready-made samples of Medea essays that will help you get inspired. However, you should understand that direct copy-pasting from these essays is forbidden because your tutor will carefully check your paper for plagiarism. If the checker finds any unoriginal content in your paper, you will be strictly punished. As such, we highly recommend you use the pre-written papers only for boosting your writing talent. 

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More Medea Essay Topics

  • Discuss the ethical questions in Medea;
  • Revenge, strengths, and mask in Medea;
  • Make a comparative analysis between Medea and Lysistrata;
  • The themes of violence and dysfunctional marriage in Medea;
  • Discuss the description of female characters in patriarchal Greece;
  • What are the main means of narration used in Medea?
  • Analyze the development of the tragic character in Greek mythology;
  • What does Euripides think about his protagonist? Does he blame Medea?
  • Is Medea an agent of divine will? Explain your answer;
  • In what way does Medea express her emotions?
  • Discuss the significance of mythology for the Greek theater? Use Medea myth as an example;
  • Does the woman have a right to act of despair in the patriarchal society?
  • Greek Mythology: Medea

You probably know that Medea is one of the most famous works of Greek mythology, which is widely discussed in the literature. Since this work is multilayered, it provides the students with room for discussion. We assure you that by using the Medea essay topics mentioned in our list, you will be able to create an impressive essay that will bring you the anticipated grade. After all, no matter if you are analyzing the characters, historical period, or some ethical concepts used in the work, we highly recommend you apply a non-standard approach and analyze the myth from a different perspective. In such a way, you will be able to impress the most demanding tutor.