Quality Management Tools and Techniques


Quality control tools and techniques are one of the most important aspects of the successful performance of any company. It is impossible to avoid quality management and be successful at the same time. The contemporary terms of competition push companies towards continuous improvement in order to attract customers looking for high-quality products and services. The current paper analyzes the performance of one of the most famous companies – Starbucks. As long as Starbucks has thousands of stores all over the world, it is interesting to evaluate its quality control methods on the level of the store. Starbucks is famous for opening the stores in a rapid pace. It makes this company an interesting object of the research, which can reveal whether the company is capable of regulating quality at every store. The current paper reflects quality management tools and techniques of Starbucks based on the personal observations, which prove that the company is worth obtaining the leading position on the market.


What Aspects of Quality Does Starbucks Control?

First, it is necessary to mention that there are several aspects, which the company takes care of. The store’s performance does not include the diversity of processes; however, every process should have a special attention as long as it builds the company’s overall sustainability. Customer service, quality of products, working environment, and the surrounding area at the store. These objectives are one of the most important to the company as long as they help to build trusting relations with customers and develop loyalty in every representative of the target audience. In addition, it is possible to notice the company’s care aimed to preserve the surrounding environment and minimize its negative influence on nature even on the level of the store’s performance. The following discussion represents the methods of controlling the mentioned aspects of the company’s performance based on the common visit to the store.

How Does Starbucks Control Quality?

Starbucks takes care of meeting customer’s needs, and it proves this rule by performing on the highest level on the daily basis. The company’s customer service is the first element, which develops loyalty in customers. The local store meets its clients in a polite way with full readiness to serve fresh and tasty meals accompanied by drinks. Baristas are polite and nice to every customer showing respect to every choice. In addition, baristas offer customers the diversity of drinks and food choices, which make a customer comfortable. One of the peculiarities is that baristas never turn their backs on client as long as they have everything in front of them in order to serve the client. It is a special design of the working place, which helps to support warm communication with clients willing to feel comfort at the store. The working place of baristas requires a special attention as long as every element has its place on purpose. For example, behind the backs of baristas it is possible to see a small production lot. According to personal estimates, it produces a fresh batch every eight minutes. Baristas always have fresh products in order to serve clients quickly immediately. Coffee brewing machines have different colors, which match pouring containers and speed up the work of baristas. Espresso machine is also located not far from the barista in order to serve drinks quickly. It is possible to notice the diversity of syrups not far from the machine, which also reduces the time of making drinks. In addition, customers can easily choose a syrup by looking at the available syrups in bottles in front of the barista. Meals and other food at the store are always fresh, which means that the store takes care of providing its customers with high-quality products. Coffee urns also take a place in front of the baristas, so they can keep serving the customer and perform their duties at the same time. As soon as the customer receives a drink, it is possible to notice that a cup of coffee is 100% environmentally friendly as it is mentioned on the cup. After receiving a drink, the customer moves to the area where he can enjoy the order.

All tables at the store are clean and shiny, which makes it safe to take a meal and enjoy drinking coffee. It is obvious that the floor is also clean, and the lighting does not irritate the eyes. Windows are also shiny and clean, which proves that the store meets all hygiene requirements. In addition, it is noticeable that the store uses energy-saving bulbs, which prevent from wasting electricity. In general, the store is spacious enough to welcome every customer willing to enjoy stopping for a while and enjoying his time. The music is also not loud, which make it easy to listen to a friend or talk over the phone without keeping the voice loud. Further, it is possible to mention that the store contains enough buckets for garbage motivating clients to support the cleanliness. Moreover, it is impossible not to see that the same cleanliness is present in the nearby area around the store. The store encourages every visitor to be a part of the movement taking care of the environment. While enjoying the coffee, it is possible to notice that baristas take care of the order in the working place and are ready to serve the client at any minute. In addition, it is possible to see that workers of the store support each other and communicate in a polite way, which prevents from conflicts and misunderstandings in the working place. Every process taken to control the level of quality in all areas has its reasons.

Why Does Starbucks Control Quality?

First, the company needs to take care of customer service in order to develop loyalty among customers and attract new ones in order to continue its growth. It is noticeable that the company pays attention to every customer with specific requirements and needs. The store’s design has everything to make the service quick. However, it does not mean that the store neglects the quality of products in the name of speed of service. On the contrary, the store took care of placing every machine and element in the nearby area, which helps to meet the requirements of both speed and quality. If the company wastes the time of customers, customers, in its turn, will refuse visiting the store in order to save their time. Working environment is also a mandatory element in the production of high quality services. It helps to support appropriate atmosphere and motivate employees to help each other. In addition, it is obvious that Starbucks takes care of its employees and provides them with everything necessary for the performance. The competition among employee has fair terms and does not interfere with the quality of service. In general, every employee aims to satisfy customer needs, which everyone can notice on the daily routine by visiting the store. Even the cleaning personnel strives to make the store welcoming with its cleanliness and fresh air. Starbucks performs in the appropriate direction by paying much attention to the employees.

Why Does Starbucks Need to Control Quality?

Stores are the primary targets of quality management, which tend to attract customers by outstanding quality of every drink. If Starbucks neglected the performance of its employees, it would never reach the heights of its success. Further, it is important to pay attention to the company’s struggle aimed to improve the environment. Without the company’s efforts, it would be impossible to turn attention of every client to the environmental problems. Starbucks’s mission to minimize the negative influence on the environment has its reflection in every aspect of its performance. It is also an appropriate tool of quality management, which helps to make products safe for both customers and the environment. In particular, it proves that Starbucks acts responsible according to the terms of its corporate social responsibility program. In addition, the store’s management acts in terms of the company’s global interests aimed to spread the performance of the company along with its positive influence on the environmental changes.

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In conclusion, it is necessary to reflect that the paper successfully discussed Starbucks’ techniques used to manage quality on the level of the store. It helped to see the details beyond the performance of every employee forming the personnel of the store. It is possible to claim that sceptic vision of every process taking place at the store revealed the meaning of every element comprising high quality. It became obvious that every machine, tool, and employee is in the right place. Starbucks puts logic and order in every corner of the store aiming to meet customer’s needs. Finally, the level of quality depends not only on the raw materials provided by the company, but also by the performance of the employees taking care of the store. In general, Starbucks deserves to be a primary leader in its segment of the market. It managed to convince its customers that every single process runs under strict supervision aimed to meet standards and terms of total quality management.

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