The Entertainment Industry and Venue Management

Learning Outcome 1

The growth of entertainment industry has been very significant in the UK over last few years. For example, in 2013 the country reported that that the entertainment industry contributed 3.8 billion pounds to the economy of UK (Anderson, Sweeney, & Williams, 2012). Again, this figure has been reported to increase alarmingly in recent years. The main sources are from live music, ticketed performances, TV and movie production, and music publishing, providing 24% of revenue. 

British television and film content became is a high demand around the world, which empowers production companies and supports the expansion of film studios. The UK takes the third place in the world for the export of television content (Nyman Libson Paul, 2014). In 2013, the TV industry in the UK generated 12 billion pounds in revenue, of which 1.3 billion came from sales to international markets (Nyman Libson Paul, 2014). Development of the entertainment industry has a positive effect on the economy growth by producing more workplaces. For example, the film industry alone is responsible for more than 100,000 jobs (Nyman Libson Paul, 2014). Theatres play a significant role in the development and growth of entertainment industry. In 2012-2013, London theatres earned 618.5 million pounds in revenue. The theatres are providing around 9,500 people with working places. 


There are few strategies, which can be used financial incentives, promotions at home and abroad as well as reducing unnecessary regulation. National funding agencies often take part in the development and promoting some cultural events. They usually sponsor great concerts, soccer matches, and similar, national festivals, and similar to this events. At the same time, there has been regional funding as well as local funding, which can be a company or a private businessperson. They often get involved in promoting and organising some cultural events within local areas. Investments and sponsorship play a significant role in the development of entertainment industry. Between April 2013 and May, 2014, TV industry spent 394 million pounds on television production qualifying for HTR, including £225m of inward investment (Nyman Libson Paul). Consequently, there has been an immense growth of the industry. This has been characterised by building of many entertainment halls as well as other entertainment sites (Anderson, Sweeney, & Williams, 2012).

The UK government has seen fruitful impression because of the entertainment industry. In the paper policy 2015, the government of UK promised to fund the entertainment industry, so as to increasing performance and create more employment as well as boosting their economy (Damm, 2011).

Learning Outcome 2

There are different types of the entertainment industry in the UK. Entertainment industry includes areas as the music, film sectors, creative, and arts sectors, just to mention a few. The events, provided by entertainment industry include over a hundred thousand various establishments, ranging from art museums, and theatres to fitness centres. The types of activities offered by the entertainment industry can be classified by the professionalism of performers, the venues, and forms of art. Most venues can follow into three categories: dedicated, non-dedicated, and major entertainment spaces. The first category includes such places as theatres, clubs, concert halls, and many other places that were built or adept specifically for events. The second category includes any outdoor spaces, schools, and other places that are used for the different purposes. Arians, stadiums, and various exhibition centres belong to the third category. In terms of audience, entertainment activities can be classified by age and socio-economic breakdown, the figures of national data, and interactivity. 

The most venues found in London, like halls and concert centres, offer the wide variety of music (Damm. 2011). For example, the Christmas celebration in the country occurs in many different entertainment halls in the UK. The majority of the halls and concert venues are able to host soft games like tennis. This has led to tremendous growth of the industry. The Royal Albert hall has the biggest capacity to hold the audience in celebration times (Royal Albert hall, 2012).


Managing an event is a real experience, irrespective of whether it is your own event or a communal event of a friend family members or any other event a person maybe involved in. Events management is a job but fulfilling though (Tassiopoulos, 2010). It can make a world difference to people involved and who knows the real meaning of what event management entails. Therefore should really appreciate efforts and kindness for making their events successful. Events management needs a chronological order on how to go about everything. At the same time events management need to be supplemented with resources such as labour, money and other things like good will (Damm, . 2011). To plan something which does not exist needs some steps. Purpose and objective of an event is very vital to the planning process. Issues like best venue, space needed as well as things like right budget are fundamental to the planning. In planning nature of celebration and type of event is as important as objective of the event. (Tassiopoulos, 2010). Nature gives planner knowledge of how to go about an event what to include and what to leave. In this case, achievable goals are encouraged to be initiated to circumvent failure (Tassiopoulos, 2010)


In analysis will be tackling the analysis of the three locations and the events that took place as well as how they took place and , later a comparison of the three  after the analysis.

Comparison of events

EThames graduate school cultural event

The 2015 year was an exceptional for EThames graduate school organized a cultural event in the school. The college held a food competition and different group had to present different countries stands. These countries to be represented were Europe, Africa, Jamaica, and Arabian. My group had done the Lithuanian stand the other groups had done Romania , France, Spain, Bulgaria ,therefore every group was  to represent food stand from the their country .Every  person who was in the vicinity of the school had the privileged of trying and sampling the food. Afterwards the people had a chance to vote for the best stand among the stands. However, visitors were only the EThames graduate school students. Since many were students, the organizing committee of the event in the college decided that the entry of the show would be free of charge therefore there was no tickets pricing. The event was advertised informally there because only EThames graduates student were to be the audience. I was   the one responsible of for marketing as well as advertising the event to the college. Since the event was internal, I saw no need to advertise the event in social media and sites. However, I decided to write invitation letters to the lectures and printed posters so that all lectures and students would be are of the event. In terms of stand, there were five groups in total, which would present their food stand. Again the groups were from the school but presenting food stand for various countries. The venue of presenting was in EThames graduates school. There were no outside visitors invited but the entire EThames College were to be the audience. 

The international food and drink event (IFE)

This is an event in United Kingdom that bring together suppliers and buyers of food drink and products .The event always aims at sourcing and finding new product to sell to the consumers as well as becoming updated with the latest trends and network with industries finest( Damm, . 2011). The following is the report after a revisit of the event, which took place on 19th of March 2015.This event took place in Excel London one of the biggest hall in London capable of holding an International convention. Again in the same event there are over 1100 exhibiting companies that is food and drinks strictly. The business is conducted face to face with the audience. Thousands of retailers, food services buyers, wholesalers, distributors all gets chances to sell their products. Consequently, this is the largest event in UK, which brings together the utmost number of buyers and suppliers together. (Wale, Robinson, & Dickson, 2010).

The food and drink industry as well as supply chain meet at the international event .They experience the tastes, smells, and passion of a wide range of food and drink exhibited by more than 1200 companies from around the world. (Tassiopoulos, 2010). Subsequently the retailers, manufactures, foodservices, and distributors as well suppliers use the IFE to offer solutions to their consumers. Below is the an example of the food offered for exhibition by one of the company 

In terms of marketing, the events gave adept eyesight to the global consumer market and its trends too. At the same time, the event provided the always-intermittent opportunity for face to face interaction consequently mouth advertisement took place. ( Dopson & Hayes, 2011) At the same time, the event helps the companies and distributors to have an unblemished image of the preference of the consumer; therefore, the companies may shift, and start producing the goods that are in demand. IFE has the world largest collection of UK products. Again IFE hosted international exhibitors from more than 50 countries there showing melting pot of global flavours, Turned up (Dopson & Hayes, 2011) Consequently exhibitors can be guaranteed they are outlining themselves in the world most influential, professional food and drink event .At the same time exhibitors are assured that they are attracting the most significant purchasing decision makers. In addition to that, marketing is also secured as the event is supported with an international marketing and social media. Advertising is cheap as the action of converging in the hall is an advertisement itself. Below is one of the advertisements on IFE website, advertising the 2015 annual event in London 

In terms of cost, to travel to London for the event in 2015 was relatively tranquil. (Anderson, Sweeney, & Williams, 2012) This is because the British Airlines had already given a discount to all delegates who were travelling to the event. Flights were available in major cities all over the world .The rates were given according to the day of travel, those who travelled one day prior to the event were the best beneficially of the reduced rates. Again, facilities like parking are very efficient. Excel has parking for 3700 cars and it is not difficult to find. At the same time, parking cost per day is 20 sterling pounds per day. In addition, Excel has collaborated with Europe car for people who want to drive and car for hire (Anderson, Sweeney, & Williams, 2012).

On the other hand, we have the stands presented in the Excel London in the events. 2015 show was one of the most successful shows IFE has ever hosted in recent years. (Fullman & Strachan, 2013). Consequently, IFE has attracted more 30000 professionals from across the industry covering today’s dynamic retail, foodservice and manufacturing markets. The show in 2015 was relatively  inclusive not only dealing with food and drinks from company but also the Artisan Food market as well as Gourmet Drinker presenting the best  alcohol obtainable from small producers. Again, the 2015 stand was to welcome the arrival and sustenance of the show major partner such as the British Frozen Food Federation, food, and drinks Federation as well as Craft Guild of chefs.

IFE 2015 had many high profile speakers and chefs, that including the award winning chef in Hayden Groves Daminan Wawrzyniak, Mark greenway among others. (Anderson, Sweeney, & Williams, 2012) At the same time business seminar helped to offer consumer insight. The seminar was offered by the most respected dignitaries in foods and drinks all over the world. Again, Andy Clarke, president and CEO of Asda and C.E.O of Nisa were to offer speech about latest trends and best business practice. The two are very influential in markets of goods

Ticket pricing and booking for exhibition was done online to avoid vices because of the high demand from visitors who wanted to show their product in the event. Links were provided and visitors would deposit some money to be assured of booked position in the hall. Due to the spacious nature of the hall as well as its ability to hold international meeting and events like London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games the  online booking and ticket pricing would be done online for efficiency and speed. The hall is also capable of holding very high number of people .For example in 2012 during Paralympics the hall welcomed over 1000000 during the two weeks of Olympics games.

Royal Albert hall

Christmas celebration in Royal Albert Hall

It is the biggest in United Kingdom with 5272 seats depending on a configuration of an event.(Fullman & Strachan, 2013). It is the largest hall in Europe when people are standing the hall can accommodate more than 6100.Chrismas is a significant event in most Christian lives (Fullman & Strachan, 2013). Consequently many Christians celebrate the event in churches hall, conference just to mention a few. Here is the research on Christmas celebrations in the hall

To be in the hall during Christmas celebrations each and every person has to book and get tickets to be allowed in the celebration. The ticket are  sold online so as to reduce congestion when buying tickets as well as speed and efficiency(Jacobs & Wolf, 2012).Again the hall has a website on which all events occurring are placed and their tickets ready to be purchased . Christmas celebration in the hall starts as early as 13th December and by that date, the tickets are always ready. Due to congestion, tickets are booked online, over phone or through box office in UK. Buying tickets through the phone or online booking recur some charges as opposed to buying the ticket in box offices. (Jacobs & Wolf, 2012)

On the other hand, in terms of stand Christmas in Royal Albert hall has strict parking rules. Parking of cars booking is again done online and early in advance because of the congestion of the vehicles.(Royal albert hall, 2012)In Christmas days halls parking gates open from 6pm for evening shows and 1pm and when Christmas fall on weekend it is open early in the morning,(Royal albert hall, 2012) Parking is situated  near imperial college. Again the cost of parking is 10.20 pounds .At the same time people who came with long vehicles like coaches are not allowed to park in the hall parking because of space (Royal albert hall, 2012).

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When it comes to advertising, the hall advertises the Christmas celebration as early as two weeks prior. The hall uses it website to post the chronological order of the event and gives dealings like booking tickets and booking spaces for parking. Apart from its website, the event is posted on social media to entice and attract more customers to the hall. Many famous artists are called upon as a way of marketing the name and showing what the celebrations can do in terms of bringing happiness. Below is a n advert of the hall on Christmas period advertising. For example, on the picture of the orchestra and west end soloist, advertisement is vital as many tend to visit the place because of them. 

In terms of market, the hall directors have already opened a Facebook page, a twitter handle as well as LinkedIn (Royal albert hall, 2012). The social media platform has proven to bore fruits since many people are using them to be updated .To market the event again the hall used radio and television advertisement in case the some people never had a chance to check adverts online (Jacobs & Wolf, 2012).

Comparison Review

After a wide review of the events, The IFE event was the best-managed event, they had everything right. In terms of marketing advertising it was excellent since they included global advertisement as well as invitation of dignitaries who are very much respected in terms of their marketing strategy and policies. In addition to that, the IFE had a good stand in terms of cheap parking, available transport, as well as a very well-coordinated road network. (Not For Tourists Guide to London , 2013) Again, booking of the tickets online will eliminate the vice of forgery and other things like corruption, by the officials offering tickets. Howeve,r there was absence of health care amenities such as ambulances in case of emergency, the security of the place is not guaranteed as well as security to the parking.(Not For Tourists Guide to London , 2013) In addition to that there is no presentation of the country authority at least prime minister or the queen should be available. Again, the commotion between the exhibitor and the buyers may lead to congestion and lack of fresh air in the room. Parking is cheap but not adequate for an international event.

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