Ideological Elements of Enlightenment in “Robinson Crusoe”

Enlightenment is a significant historic period, which can be characterized with numerous ideas, which enforced the development of numerous aspects of human’s life. The implications of Enlightenment can be seen in the social, economic, scientific, religious and other spheres of life. Being a profound... Details >>

Autobiography of Malcolm X

The first chapter depicts the case that happened before the birth of the protagonist. His family lived in Omaha, Nebraska, and it became a victim of Ku Klux Klan terror. Once, furious Ku Klux Klan members came to their house searching for Malcolm`s father to punish... Details >>

Shakespeare's Plays

The theme of betrayal is a common theme in Shakespeare’s plays. Usually, the whole plays are based on the idea of deceitful feelings and illusory nature of experience, which are symmetrically traced in three planes, forming a deep stylistic and ideological... Details >>

Critique of In Defense of Hip Hop by Cathleen Rountree

Regardless of its all-embracing popularity, hip hop has been labeled as racial, socio-political and gender discriminating phenomenon since the time of its conceptualization as a culture... Details >>

The Problem of Social Status and Gender Inequality in A Daughter of Han by Ida Pruitt

Among many biographies and autobiographies, Ida Pruitt’s A Daughter of Han has a special place. The book reveals so many details and concealed meanings of... Details >>

Harm Principle of John Stuart Mill

The questions regarding the proper balance between individual freedom and social power are among the most controversial ones in the political theory... Details >>