Descartes Meditations

In his well-documented work, Discourse on Method, René Descartes discussed the cogito, ergo sum phrase. The French Philosopher did this to build the climbing step towards the attainment of a particular knowledge which he believed was necessary for the world. He could only survive the doubt methodic test using this statement. The statement was unquestionable. Descartes argued that even if the devil tried to deceive him that he no longer exists, he cannot trust because he has to be alive for ... Details >>

Reading Poetry: Originals or Help Sources

Modern pace of life creates a range of tasks for people to complete. Being in a hurry, men often should prioritize and decide what of businesses is worth for their time and what could be done hastily. Unfortunately, reading became one of the numerous victims of the human preoccupation. Moreover, when people are ready to spend their time reading the novels or different kinds of narrations, reading the poetry is considered the waste of time by the majority of them, including students. More often today people resort to ... Details >>

Great Writer Guy de Maupassant

Henri René Albert Guy de Maupassant was a great French writer, who appeared in the world of literature like a meteor, becoming one of the most popular and sought-after writers of the XIX century. Details >>

The Non-Conformist Allure

The United States literature has for long been littered with stories of non-conformists, individuals who dared to break away from society’s strictures and became truly disobedient. Details >>

The Shame of the Nation

The Shame of Nation by Jonathan Kozol reveals the problems of schooling in America. These issues are related to the inability of teachers to be socially constructed and inequality that is provoked by the differences in ethnic, racial, and economic background of the students. Details >>

The Historical Issues in The Short Stories by Vonnegut

The historical events and situations set the social atmosphere and in this way determine some aspects of literary art. This means that it is possible to learn some features of historical perspective through the literary works analyzing them through the prism of historical data. Details >>