There is an individual view of every profession or job, and if you are a nurse, you definitely have your own personal perspective of nursing, probably slightly different from commonly accepted ones. Writing a nursing philosophy essay, you can present your understanding of the main principles of nursing and theories which form the basis for your decisions and daily choices. 

It is no wonder that instructors give a task to evaluate the students’ understanding of nursing and its philosophy. It is a real challenge that makes students practice their critical thinking and express their views of their professional field. So, let us analyze the concept of nursing philosophy.


Philosophy of Nursing: what is it?

Philosophy of nursing can be defined as a specific statement used to review the beliefs, values, ethical principles, and motivation of a nurse. It is a presentation of a perspective that a nurse has about the practice, education, and ethics of patient care. It is a means of identifying the theories and beliefs for shaping the decisions and choices to make daily. 

Tell About Your Views of Nursing!

Formulating the nursing philosophy implies identification of essential beliefs and emphasizing the main ideas crucial for the profession. What is special about the profession of a nurse? How different it is from other professions? Who can be a perfect nurse? What characteristic features are necessary to be a leader on nursing? Write a nursing philosophy essay and present your perspective of the lifestyle and principles of a good nurse. 

The conditions of work for many nurses are challenging and the work hours are typically long. Moreover, the work or nurses can be draining in terms of emotions. It frequently happens that nurses establish mutually reciprocal relations with the patients interested in medical care and quick healing. It is always a great stress for a nurse to lose a patient, but improvement of the patient’s health makes a nurse happy and satisfied with the work. 

Theory of Nursing

There is a difference between the nursing philosophy and day-by-day views and beliefs used to be effective in the common tasks to complete. There should be a theoretical basis for the nursing philosophy which can enable a nurse to see different cases objectively. Taking into consideration potential dilemmas in ethics, you have to determine how you can react to them and which choices you can make. 

It may happen that you are lucky and you will never have to deal with weird medical cases that require serious decisions, but if you do you will need your own philosophy of nursing to react correspondently and handle unexpected cases. It is always better to predict what may happen and know how to respond to that.  

Writing a Nursing Philosophy 

Working on a nursing philosophy essay, start with responding to the following questions:

  • What are the reasons for your desire to be a nurse?
  • Why is the field of nursing essential to you?
  • What do you think about nursing?
  • Present your nursing theories.
  • What do you believe makes an outstanding nurse?
  • What skills are essential for nurses?
  • What values should nurses have?

These are the questions aimed at identifying the beliefs and values of an individual nurse. Make sure that you follow the steps presented below to make your writing brilliant.  

  1. Define the meaning of nursing to you.

Start writing with giving your own definition of nursing and explaining why nursing is essential to you personally.  What made you choose nursing, not any other job or profession?

  1. Present your personal background that clarifies your skills and values.

Add a personal story that deals with your attitude to nursing and passion to this profession. Check whether it mentions the values important for any nurse. 

  1. Identify your personal plan in terms of making a difference to the society.

Do you believe that everybody should contribute to positive changes in the society? Which areas would you like to impact? Analyze the world about you and your own place in it.

  1. Emphasize which skills and values you consider to be of crucial importance.

Make a list of the most meaningful things in life and focus on the reasons why they are important. Touch upon your future prospects and ideas about your role in changing life for the better.

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