Smart Tricks How to Make Essays Longer

You have an assignment to do, and you had enough enthusiasm to start it immediately and finalize very quickly. Now you have a strong sense of accomplishment and achievement, and you are ready for submission. Just the last check! Have a look at the requirements given by your professor. What about the word count or the number of pages to be written? Is everything ok? Have you got enough? You are disappointed now. You have been so happy and now you have to work on the paper again. What you need is a list of tricks to make essays longer without gargantuan efforts. You are lucky as we have prepared such a list for you!

  1. Try using a larger font. If you have to meet the demand for a number of pages, not specific word count, it may work. However, double check if the life of requirements does not mention some specific font you have to use in the paper. Try Arial, Courier New, Cambria, or some other popular font, but be reasonable. If you try using Arial Black, for instance, it will be too evident that your choice of font is subject only to your desire to make your paper look longer than it actually is.
  2. Try adjustment of the font size. Try different ones, but make sure the size is not too big to be eye-catching. For instance, 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, or 12.5 may look ok if the required one is 12 pt.
  3. Make the size of periods and commas larger. It is one of the tricks to make essays longer that do not attract too much attention. Just use the function Ctrl F on the keyboard and replace the size using the option ‘find and replace’. Select all the commas and periods with the front size of 12 pt. and replace them with those at 12.4 pt.
  4. Try adjusting the spacing between the lines in your paper. For instance, the requirement mentions ‘single spacing in formatting.” Then you can try the following trick: use the option “Format” and then choose “Paragraph”. Click on the option ‘multiple’ in the section ‘Spacing’. Choose 1.1 instead of 1.
  5. Use downscaling the margins. It should be not eye-catching that there is some reduction; so, you can make the adjustment by a quarter at maximum. It means that the required size of the margin set as 1.5 cm can be reduced to 0.9 cm. How can you do that? Choose the option “Format” with the following section of “Document”. Set the right margin as 0.9. It will not be noticeable without deliberate checking that the paper is extended. Note that you cannot change the left margin measurements. A visible change will be evident as the justification of the papers is always done on the left margin.

Do You Need More Tips? Here You Go!

Experienced writers and smart students know what to do when they need to find a solution to the problem how to make essays look longer. Read what they advise!

  1. Increasing by a quarter in the bottom margin helps a lot. The section “Document” contains a ‘Bottom’ box. Enter 1.25 and check its visibility in the paper. If it is too much noticeable, try using 1.15 instead.
  2. Try to expand between-words spacing. You will see how the number of pages changes in the paper. How to do that? Click on the option “Font” and choose the window “Advanced”. Find the option “Expanded” next to the button ‘By” and enter 1.6.
  3. Make the essay header longer. Double spacing will help as well. What details can be included there? For sure, you have to mention your name, course, date, your teacher’s name, your student ID card’s number, but you can also include your email, for instance.
  4. Work on the paper title. How to make essays longer with this technique? Place the paper title under the header in the center with double spacing and expanded size of font.
  5. Add a footer page.
  6. Numbers in the essays can be spelled. Writing a numeral always looks smaller than putting it in words. It is a valuable tip if your paper lacks several lines. Besides, it will not appear as cheating as formal writing requires spelling out instead of using figures for numerals.
  7. Check whether you have any shortening and replace it with a full form. Formal writing does not allow any contractions. Say, ‘No’ to ‘don’t’- only ‘do not’!
  8. Try replacing pronouns with proper names, but do not use too many as they will spoil the paper. ‘They’ contain only four letters, while ‘Donald Trump and Barack Obama’ have twenty-five and two spaces in between!
  9. Extend the required descriptions. Provide more dates, give clear definitions, name the relevant people, and mention the numbers.
  10. Conclude every paragraph with summarized points and your own opinion.

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