Leadership Audit Analysis


Leadership audit is significant in making once assess his/her management style, the expected consequences and ways and need to adopt new and workable strategy. The leadership audits to be discussed in this case include Christian leader, servant leader, credible leader, spiritual gifts, natural gifts, passion, and character as they apply to my situation. God normally provides us with good leaders, even though we sometimes participate in choosing leaders. 

I always make sure that I am staying in stride with God’s Spirit and not pulling ahead or falling behind. Nonetheless, a stunning aspect about my leadership as presented here is that the cost of some services and commodities with extra functional features was superior to many ordinary commodities. This is my strategy to promote sound and credible leadership. I normally accomplish this while ensuring that there is adequate coordination among the workers and between them and the management team. In addition, my style of leadership ensured that all newly launched services eliminated the problems that the workforce faced. My capability to perform well within varying situations is determined by the spiritual gifts that I possess, thus translating to success of the outcome. 


A good leader would respond to various issues arising within the organization by developing effective approaches and enhancing capacity. Nevertheless, I would direct my efforts towards the creation of effective services. Indeed, this showed total leadership dedication in the organization and commitment to being the best among competitors in the market. Ideally, an effective leadership style should condemn the usage of foundation resources like financial, labor and facilities to further any employees’ political motive an only became successful by fully adopting the assumptions of trait theory. Positive leadership characters also make me refrain from illegal dealings or donations to the government. 

Audit of Christian Leader

Christianity actually shapes the decisions and actions of a leader because a Christian would follow the teachings of God as he leads the subjects. Christianity makes me have confidence that God chooses and installs leaders from among people, meaning that leadership must be respected. In a competitive mode, I also stamped my superiority in technology through different elements that are incorporated in all the product brands that I release to the market. The rationale is that my outstanding illustration of Christian values in the articulation of duties concurs with the organizational and stakeholders needs. This demonstration is an indication that Christian values overpower secular practices that normally affect the leaders negatively. 

This implied that other leaders who do not believe in Christian values use negative competitive strategies that deliver inferior services and poor governance. It simply indicated that non-Christian values though valuable do not match the standards set by a leader who believes and upholds Christian values. The common factor among Christian leaders is that they desire innovative and result oriented leadership, the esteemed workers of the company might enjoy and boasts of superior designs, quality and efficient leaders. 

Based on the assumptions of Christian leadership in terms of my leadership, I show a higher degree of decisiveness, self-confidence and persistence in conducting their duties during change. This means that I am able to deliver good leadership that offered great satisfaction to the company stakeholder. In order to address potential resistance to change, the leader must target a population that was enthusiastic with changes in educational services. Importantly, this group formed the vital aspect of the market for any booming and growing technology such as the one that the foundation adopted. For instance, the leaders understood that in most developing nations, there is potential resistance to expensive educational services among the youths who are targeted.

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A Servant Leader Audit

A servant leader normally dedicates him/her to the work and improves the relationship towards the subjects. This aspect is very important in promoting productivity. For instance, in ensuring that I became an effective servant leadership, my qualities, characteristics and skills could help me improve the relationship with all the stakeholders that I closely work with. In the course of articulating my leadership, I will assure the workforce or subjects of effective and comprehensive relation management. I would apply transformational leadership theory by using hard work to esteem all its s with equal regard. The demands and requirements of these were found to be of interest to the manufacturer. This means that foundation of servant leadership focused on strengthening educational services that I am interested in pursuing. Furthermore, I will maintain loyalty to foundation cultures of the organization. In fact, the leadership style that I adopt would improve the image of the organization in the international market, thus making the foundation more reliable. 

As a servant leader, I respect intellectual property, employed a well-stipulated and defined user policy, and all the foundation’s cultural services were protected. This leadership style was drawn from trait theory, and I made sure that all educational services acquired by the learners reflected the quality aspects assigned to them. As a good communicator, the servant leader always urged the potential students to insist on original educational services and to offer reports of any counterfeit educational services. In addition, I got quality assurance through the provision of effective leadership. As a leader, I am liable for any malfunctions that emanate from the manufacturing process, thus I am very strict on performance. Through my effective management style, it was possible for me to attain comprehensive application software in managing employee relations. 

A credible Leader Audit

The credibility of a leader would determine the probability of success. As a credible leader, I must make sure that I understand the subjects as they carry out their normal activities due to stiff competition that they face from other philanthropic organizations. Moreover, I know that some of the key competitors have continuously insinuated their abilities to deliver innovating leadership services that were superior to those other organizations. The superiority of a credible leader is exhibited by the endeavors of philanthropedia, which create effective management system. However, my pride and source of credibility is in sound leadership style that I adopt, where priority is usually accorded to quality outcome that I desire and finally achieve. The quality of leadership services that I offer is usually the governing criterion that I use from the inception throughout the leadership services. 

To ensure that I manage and maintain high quality, I normally engage the ordinary workers and management staff to develop efficient relations management among them. In this regard, I closely monitor the feedback that I receive from esteemed workers and make necessary adjustment to ensure that my workers are always on an innovative mood. Moreover, the feedback enabled that I receive from workers enable me to deliver efficient and quality services by fixing things that they outline. Theoretically, my credibility is driven by intellectual traits and passion to be successful. 

My credibility enables me to use my skills and draw my pride to achieve and sustaining high quality. Fortune magazine survey conducted in 2008 illustrated that a credible leader must have a technical foundation to enable them fight competition forces within the organization. By being cooperative and adopting creativity among other junior leaders, I ensure that the organization must offer a wide range of almost identical brands, but with different specifications to accommodate for the income disparity among potential clients. 

Spiritual Gifts Audit

A spiritual leader is always flexible to the needs of his or her servants if the demands do not violate religious values. The reason is that solutions differ based on the latest scenarios. This aspect borrows heavily from the situational leadership theory. It also depicts that quality is maintained in all spheres of spiritual services irrespective of the circumstances, but depending on the latest situation, and was critical in making leadership decisions. Indeed, the spiritual gifts depict the level of honest with which the leader would run any given institution. It is my view that the spiritual gifts in leadership are articulated independently by each leader because of related services and the superiority in quality of leadership that I offer. 

I normally assure workers that all the leadership services that I offer enable them to deliver finished products with superiority in quality that will attract new customers. Thus, the disparity in human relationships and spiritual could not create a superiority or inferiority complex amongst the workers in relation to the acquisition of knowledge. This means that in executing my leadership mandate, my spiritual gifts guide me, and makes me responsible and face the problems that face workers to change their mindset. This would enable my subjects to grow spiritually while creating and inventing new ideas that are useful to the organization. Borrowing from contingency theory, the spiritual gifts enables me to be very effective and efficient in relation to my leadership style. The articulation of the spiritual gifts ensures that I identify the problems that the workers faced. The spiritual gifts also make me confronts the said problems, ranging from relationships to application of the same among workforce. Resistance to leadership change could affect their individual productivity as it limits their ability to adhere to quality requirements. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the leader may respond to specific needs and capabilities by creating effective services that are affordable and appealed to many people

Natural Gifts Audit

In leadership, natural gifts also help a leader to be innovative to enable them offer practical solutions to the problems experienced by workers and other leaders through an interactive system. As a way of ensuring better leadership style, I conduct frequent surveys during the prototyping of models using my natural gifts to be successful. In these surveys, I use interviews and questionnaires to learn the extent of natural gifts that each worker under me possesses. In case the workers do not manifest natural gifts, I would use my leadership skills to help them learn and use the natural gifts that their colleagues possess. 

I would humbly request them to fill in forms to outline aspects causing the dissatisfaction and non-manifestation of natural gifts, and then put them in groups with talented persons. This would provide them with opportunity to learn such natural gifts. I would also use my knowledge to help them use the natural gifts that they have by encouraging practical. These reviews are considered with a lot of gravity while conducting my analysis of the workers under me, and it needed intellect, passion and dedication as per the assumptions of trait theory. Consequently, I advance on correcting the shortcomings cited by the workers concerning their natural gifts. The emphasis that the leader with natural gifts put across on this procedure was on addressing problems by offering more effective and real time solutions. 

The leader with natural gifts also consider his institution’s innovations and devised plans to ensure that the organization is equipped with more storage capacity coupled with qualified staff. 

Passion Audit

Passion is a very important aspect of a leader. Indeed, my passion promotes the interest and devotion that I have, in terms of adherence to the management philosophy of dedicating the production services and talent search. Apparently, my passion as a leader enhances motivation and empowerment strategies that I adopt definitely contributed the high quality services that I offer my subjects. This shows the need for being a passionate leader to achieve intended organizational objectives. The outcome that I achieve in the organization is possible due to my passion, tireless dedication to the welfare of other leaders who also lead by example.

My passion when performing different duties makes me apply different motivational approaches to improve the interest of other staff to work. I am passionate about the use of motivational strategy, especially increasing the total number of outside directors in the Board of Directors to ensure that the top leadership was not overworked. Indeed, passion makes me fearless when carrying out my administrative goals. As Cooper Nieberding & Wanek postulated, my passionate leadership ensures that the organization I work for follow the law and offered fair competition in the market. Moreover, I align the company’s objective in perspective not to abuse a dominant market situation, but to compete fairly through enhanced quality.

The leader’s attempt to reach out to the populace by emphasizing the quality and long lasting aspect of the company services also reduced resistance to the foundational change and resultant services. It is obvious that most stakeholders endeavored to acquire services that do not undergo depreciation or failure within a short duration. Similarly, the company focuses on durability to ensure that the services released could beat the challenge of time.

Character Audit

In leadership, the character of a leader plays a significant role in making the organization effective. As a leader, my characters encourage me to use personal values including ambition, intelligence and perseverance in accordance with trait theory to motivate workers to perform well. Moreover, I do not allow my employees to engage in active politics under the organization’s name. I believe that the employees are supposed not to attribute or cause their personal political views and characters to be associated with the company. 

Under my watch, not all the employees are allowed to acquire any personal advantage in business transactions by using their job status in the company without displaying retrogressive characters that might negatively influence the other workers as Kavanagh & Ashkanasy noted. I also do not allow any activity that involves proprietary information of the organization that I lead for private benefit. My leadership is guided by the principle that all business engagements have to be done in the best interest of the foundation, a practice that motivated the workers.

I have always been committed to building relationships and mutual prosperity with business partners and copying from the strategies of successful leaders as postulated in transformation leadership theory. As a positive and motivational strategist, I acknowledge my business partners and successful managers as important allies based on the mutual trust and worked for shared gain from the organization. My leadership characters also makes me committed to identify well-behaved business partners conforming to business objectives by employing fair standards without any discrimination. 


In summary, it was evident that effective leadership has various components that allow for the development of new and innovative ideas. It showed that a dedicated leader puts more effort at work by implementing the feedbacks from all stakeholders. The leader thrives to ensure that he realizes desirable outcome. Effective leadership also ensures that new and innovative services are accessed across the board. The leader could also attempt to strengthen their relations with workers and stakeholders by emphasizing on the highest quality of services and appropriate management style. This aspect ensured that the stakeholders get only the services that they needed. 

The leader must also practice pragmatic leadership by offering supportive information on aspects of their services and strategies to improve innovation. Consequently, individuals who acquire such services could easily offer diagnostic solutions to trivial problems in the company. The leadership system could facilitate an interactive dialogue with the support staff, and these interactions depicted the efficient relations management at the company. The feedback remitted by various stakeholders must be strictly confidential to the company, and no information should be divulged in whatever circumstance. The leader must use the data about issues involving different stakeholder to note any changes in the taste of the services and potential risks. Since the leader could achieve a lot in terms of developing the foundation, he showed the way of developing a global entity. 

As a leader, my character is very significant to the success of the entity, and enables me to strengthen business allies and inspiring other middle level leaders to emulate my characters. This makes me feel that I am a role model in the company. This means that my leadership empowers the stakeholders by actively encouraging their business partners to achieve their own social responsibilities by considering positive characters at work.

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