The Necklace

Most people do things that will make them bring a different character from how they appear. During the late 1800s, things were not quite different. At this time, social class and wealth was significant. Individuals could make money from occurrences that were unexpected. However, this did not impact on ones position in terms of class. For instance, the city of France was ruled by classicism. Individuals could join into high societies no matter their income, beauty or grace. In the story The Necklace," a beautiful and young working class desired to live in a more luxurious lifestyle. As a result, she decided to detest her husbands complacency. She borrowed a necklace one night from her friend since she was attending a party and this marks the start of her conflict. Unfortunately, she lost it. She never wanted her friend to know she had lost the necklace so she had to ask for money from loan sharks, friends and families so as to purchase another. It took her ten years to repay off the debt. Later on, she realized that the necklace was costume jewelry. Therefore, it is not right for individuals to fall into traps through wishing for better things and not realizing the essence of being thankful.


Maupassant the author of the story "The Necklace", uses situational theory in showing that wealth is not often monetary. Mathilde Loisel, the woman in the story was not honest with herself. She never accepted the fact that she existed. As a result, she ended up seeking an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle. She felt like giving up everything including her own life. She did see the fact that she had a loving husband as well as a secure lifestyle. Mathilde was not at all happy with her possessions and surroundings. According to her, she felt as if she had a curse since she had the looks and grace, but no class to accompany it. Mathilde dreamt of great things that were not meant for her. She also ignored the things that she had. It is ironic that she did not recognize the wealth and security she had. On the contrary, she said that her lifestyle was always cold, shallow and unloving.

Mathilde got upset when she got an invitation for a party but lacked something fancy to wear. It clearly signifies that she misjudged her wealth. She asked her husband to buy her dress for the Chancellors party despite the fact that her husband was saving money to buy a shotgun. He gave out the money without hesitation. To her, this was not enough. She also desired to have beautiful jewelry since she did not want to appear poor in the company of rich women. The realism in Mathilde situation is that though she was not rich just like the other women she was admiring from far her friends lifestyle. She was positively in a manner to be financially comfortable, and not poor. Unfortunately, the borrowed necklace got lost.

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Mathilde learned that she became poorer after losing the necklace. It signified much was already lost including her husbands savings. The financial security and youth was not there anymore. Her pride was not there anymore, but she changed substance in her personality. As the story goes by, she was shallow and so she gained a sense of self-respect and self-worth. She also started to her only husband. As the story continues, Mathilde, changes from being superficial for adapting a deep sense of value. She had to lie to her comrades that she did not lose the necklace so as to keep her pride. However, she portrayed some honor through replacing the necklace by showing much hard work in paying her debt. It is evident in how her hard work took her social graces and beauty. She felt like ten years of poverty and hard work made it worth for her change. Despite the fact that she lost her youth, she also gained a different perspective about life. She also realized that everything that she aspired was always at her reach and she opted to throw it all away so as to get more. It was not a bargain since she had lost what in the first place she did not have. When the story comes to an end, her respect for the working class is evident.

Several themes have clear in this story. Deceptiveness of appearances is a major theme. Mathilde has been living in an illusory world, whereby her real life does not match with the life she deserves. She believes that her charm and beauty make her worthy of big things. The deception of appearances in this story is evident by the necklace that appeared to be made of diamond but in the real sense it was from costume. The second theme is the perceiving power of objects. Mathilde believes that objects had power to change her way of living. However, when she gets the two items she deserves most the necklace and the dress, her happiness starts to fleet. The story explains of the things that she deserves, but she cannot afford. For instance, all the beautiful things in other womens houses but lacks in hers make Mathilde feel like an outsider. She had a hardworking, loving and caring husband, but she did not accept that fact. There is also the theme of pride illustrated in this story. Despite the fact that this story elaborates of greediness, pride also comes out, as well. Mathilde is a proud woman. She sees herself far above the humble circumstances.

The necklace has a symbolic meaning. Though beautiful but worthless, it demonstrates the power of perception and also split between reality and appearances. Mathilde borrowed the necklace because she wanted to show the appearance of being wealthy. Forestier also does not open up to Mathilde by telling her that the necklace was of diamond because she also wanted to appear wealthier than she is.

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The necklace story has three main characters. Mathilde Loisel is the central character of the story. Though blessed with physical beauty she lacks the lifestyle she has been yearning. As a result, she feels hated by the rest of her friends. Monsieur Loisel is Mathilde husband. Only little pleasures in his life satisfy him. However, he does his best so that he can please his wifes demands. He as well assuages Mathilde's complaints. Although, he does not seem to understand her wife, he loves her immensely. Madame Forestier is Mathilde wealthy friend. She lends Mathilde her necklace. She treats Mathilde kindly. However, Mathilde is also bitterly jealous of her friends wealth, and also the kindness that her friend has pains Mathilde a lot.

Conclusively, if only Mathilde realized the wealth of the things that were around her, she could not have experienced all hardships that she went through. Despite all that, she had a wonderful, financial comfort and loving husband. A vision of how the society women lived blinded her. She almost lost everything since she never realized the abundant life that she had. She traded it all for one night dancing with other women's husband and as well enjoying their company. She also pretended to be something she was not. She yearned to be classy as her friends.

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