Book Comparison

Love occurs differently among individuals and the level at which individuals, love each other differs significantly. This brings intrigues concerning love since the passion for this important theme may vary thus bringing out differences. Love appears to compel individuals to take different difficult decisions especially those that relate to the loved individuals. Loving persons may consider the most outrageous decisions, but all this can be pointed out to love for certain people. Fifty Shades of Grey together with Twilight Series demonstrates love at two differing levels thus bringing out the differences, as well as similarities that relate to the concept of love. The two works demonstrate more differences than similarities although the underlying theme seems to marry within these two works.

Fifty Shades of Grey relates to the love between an older individuals and a younger and inexperienced lady (James 3). The relationship involved between the two is a contractual relationship in which the priorities are purely sexual. Anastasia is an unexposed lady who seeks an interview with Grey and the interview turns into a romantic scene with Anastasia being extremely amused by Grey (Pontovich). However, the basis for relationship among the two involves certain terms since Grey is less interested with Anastasia. Therefore, the association is merely based on love and affection rather on desires. The relationship demonstrates tension as the two relate on the non-disclosure agreement in which Anastasia knows less concerning his partner activities (Pontovich). The relationship concentrates on sexual explorations other than individual exploration, and a little romance lingers within the storyline. The relationship that stands between Grey and Anastasia does not result into marriage, considering that the relationship is a contractual sexual relationship.


Conversely, the Twilight Series offers another approach to the definition of love, considering the little sexual desires exist within the storyline. Twilight Series concentrates on elements of love instead of lust and the characters demonstrate the real definition that suits love. The two lovers featured in Twilight Series demonstrate dedication towards each other and seem to care especially when one engages in trouble (Meyer 6). However, in a similar manner Edward demonstrates additional dedication towards Bella. This further demonstrates that one individual is more affectionate than the other as seen in the case of Fifty Shades of Grey. Unlike Fifty Shades of Grey, Twilight Series presents overprotection as demonstrated by Edward while protecting Bella from vampires that seek to hunt Bella (Morey 23).

However, the theme that relates to love is not evident in Fifty Shades of Grey as the relationship that is existent between Anastasia and Grey is about dominance and submission. The relationship that thrives among Bella and Edward is real and is oriented towards marriage with the partners demonstrating commitments. Bella and Edward take slow steps with regard to their personal relations with sexual contacts occurring after marriage. This appears contrary to Fifty Shades of Grey in which sex is the priority with Grey deviating from any form of marriage agreements. Bella and Edward relationship lead to the bearing of the wonderful immortal Renesmee, which indicates that the ultimate goal within this relationship is indeed marriage and children. The situation further contradicts the situation in Fifty Shades of Grey in which the relationship leads to nothing since it is not founded on goals or objectives.


The comparison demonstrates the different definitions of what individuals consider as love and involves two works. Therefore, love is considered the underlying theme for comparison within the paper. Different subjects have been presented throughout the paper with some seeking to demonstrate similarities while others seeking to demonstrate differences. In Fifty Shades of Grey, contractual agreement dictates relationship while in Twilight Series love coupled with affection serve as the drivers of Bella's relationship with Edward. The similarities that are existent within the two works is the fact that one partner demonstrates more affection relative to the other. Additionally, sexual desires are demonstrated within the two works although the difference in the defining factors that drive the relationship is evident.

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