The Real Face of the European Union

Western civilization is a set of cultural and traditional heritage and policies of Europe. Nowadays, European culture is much connected with European Union. Film "The Real Face of the European Union" tells us true story about new country with one currency, one flag and one set of policies. In this paper we will review this movie and tell the main points of it.


In film "The Real Face of the European Union" we face with critique of European decisions in late years by a British journalist Phillip Day. Firstly he tells us about harsh political and economic war between Great Britain and Germany connecting it with European intention to make Britain dependent from itself. He also notices that Churchill thought that Britain is with Europe, but cannot be a part of it. Later, while refusing from a proposal to get involved in EU, British prime minister has said, that if Britain will accept such a request, it will lose its national sovereignty and independence.

Creating new European Super state, Britain has joined an international market while EU made a clear statement that there is no other way for further integration. British government concerns that EU constitution cannot be superior British one and EU is a big nonsense itself. An author also tells us about surrender of British metal and currency reserves and losing control over British trade. Such statements lead to a conclusion, that inhabitants of Britain are not satisfied with the fact that new super state will rule its government.

To sum up, according to the movie, we can say that European Union, being a super state is not a thing for everyone. While entering into EU, Britain loses its sovereignty and national independence.

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