Challenges, Position, and Contributions of Modern Women


The modern era is unique as women feel themselves free after long years of struggle for recognition. Females lead their lives independently and choose the specific role to fulfill. Women are also granted with a great opportunity to get education, engage in business, vote, travel, become politicians and leaders, as well as express their own views even if they contradict with the public or male ones. In the distant past, the procreation was the main role assigned to a woman. Males were responsible for running business and contacting people while females served mostly as housewives. This aspect gave males the right to treat women unequally considering their status low. However, in modern times, scientific and technological advancements, as well as the rise of feminist movement have changed the state of affairs. The current paper seeks to examine the challenges, position, and contributions of modern women to the democratic world.  


Women’s Position in the World

The role of modern women has undergone transformation and changes. Character traits of female leaders are similar to those of their male counterparts. Confidence, perseverance, and motivation help women to reach success and become independent. Careerists are concerned with the self-realization, and consider work and prosperity to be the main priorities in their lives. Only after particular accomplishments, they start to think about moving forward and creating the full family. Those, who have decided to be housewives, are not always adequately and positively perceived in the society. Bell finds it hard to define women’s status as this subject is quite complex. Female role, progress, and status in different cultures vary. A woman reaches the position of power, and she is also engaged in productive decision-making process thus proving that she can freely act on her own.Courage, perseverance, and self-esteem have helped women to reach the current position in the democratic society. The roles assigned to women in the distant past and modern times significantly differ. Many years ago, women were faced with restrictions; they were also treated as slaves. However, nowadays, everything has changed. Females have started to play a crucial, decisive role in the modern, democratic society. They have gained freedom, and the law protects them. Consequently, women’s position in the modern society and democratic world has changed for the better. While in the past, females did not possess any fundamental rights, and, therefore, could not make decisions on their own. They were also not free in choosing a mate and marrying despite the fact marriage was one of the most important events in their lives. Women have reached progress and new level of development. A female is no longer a poor and inexperienced person, who has no rights to vote and express own views freely. Women have become full-fledged members in the modern democratic world. Today, they are at the same level as their male counterparts. A major change has occurred in male attitude towards women; they have started to treat them kindly, respect them, their rights and freedoms. Females and their inner world have also changed. They have become more independent, self-sufficient, self-realized, and their role towards improving the world cannot be underestimated.

Over the last decades, the majority of women have expanded their rights and freedoms, found decent jobs, and reached success. Nowadays, they are provided with great opportunities to work in different spheres of life and prosper. The new roles, obligations, and accomplishments of females bring numerous benefits to the country’s economy. Women have also become an integral part of modern society, and men started to take their views into consideration. Moreover, females have started to lead an active social life, participate in various important activities, as well as fulfill cultural and social functions successfully. Women no longer perform only household chores; they are also engaged in a wider participation of society’s affairs. They also hold higher positions and do the same job as their male counterparts. In ancient times, women’s position in the society was complicated due to various issues including prejudice, disrespect, religion, and hatred. However, nowadays, most of the problems have been resolved. Female status has become equal to the male one.

Challenges Facing Women Today

Despite accomplishments and success in women’s empowerment, some issues still exist, and require specific approaches towards their resolution. Nowadays, females are faced with socio-economic, political, and cultural challenges. Some of women work hard, and spend more time on duties than males. Unfortunately, gender and racial discrimination has not been eliminated yet. It continues to affect individuals throughout their lifetime. Moreover, poverty is one of the challenges facing women today. This issue emerges due to gender inequality, prejudice, and uncertainty in women as business partners. Although the laws protect women’s fundamental rights, they still do not have adequate access to education and equal opportunities. However, most of them are mothers with children, who are engaged in parenting. Therefore, the importance of equality, women’s rights, and justice cannot be underestimated. In some countries, females do not have property, and they cannot own land. Human trafficking, restricted mobility, early, and often unsuccessful marriage, and uninterrupted access to vital services negatively affect their entire life-course. Shortcomings of health system have to be eliminated thus enabling women to reach progress and enjoy equal access to political positions, information, and education. Sexism is another insurmountable obstacle towards women’s success and recognition. However, courage, perseverance, and strength help women to respond to the challenges properly.

Both females and males have created the society and modern civilization. No one can question the significance of both genders as success depends on their collaboration. However, men’s violence and aggression towards women still prevail in the modern society. Most of them cannot stand domestic violence and leave home. Females cannot live peacefully due to the lack of fairness and justice in relations. In order to establish the civilized and friendly environment, women have to be provided with the same rights and status as men. In some cultures, older generation condemns women’s choice in becoming educated careerists. Instead, parents and old people encourage them to engage in housework. In the distant past, educational establishments were built only for men. Therefore, the society’s insecurity did not instill hope in young generation. Most of women preferred to refer to the advice of older, more experienced generation. Females are also concerned with job problems as inequality and sexism still prevail in employment. Innumerable challenges are still ahead. Moreover, threat, rape, domestic violence, inequality between men and women, as well as sexual threat harassment prevent women from working, parenting, and moving forward towards success and recognition in own family, community, and society. Divorce has remained one of the challenges facing women in the twenty-first century. This issue triggers mental health issues, stress, shock, and other life complexities that make females miserable and depressed.  

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Contributions of Modern Women

Women’s contributions to the modern, democratic world are crucial. The long struggle towards recognition, respect, and success has helped to reach the heights and prove their significance to the family, society, and community. Females are engaged in social activities, continue to work and contribute to the country’s fate. Moreover, women are free in their choices, and they can also choose the interesting profession. They work as social workers, scientists, physicians, programmers, and engineers. The world can become even a better place to live in if women are provided with even more opportunities to self-realize themselves. Nowadays, females significantly contribute to the healthcare field, improve the state of sanitation, and hygiene. The role of mothers in developing stable psychological and emotional well-being of their children is also crucial as further progress and development depend on caring. In addition to the maintenance of family, women act as disciplinarians and educators. Clift regards females as important instruments of social changes. Productive participation of women in corporate life can serve as a measure and path towards social changes. The development and progress that females have reached is a result of education, perseverance, and socialization. In addition to the business, women are actively engaged in the cultural and literary activities. They also work in the social organizations providing professional assistance to needy people and integrating services and health. 

Modern women have significantly contributed to the modern society by promoting democracy, equality, freedom, and fairness. Females have been granted with a right to participate in national and local elections that enable them to deliver necessary messages to the public during the political campaigns, and present its interests in the government. Women have organized the civil society, provided support for individuals, and addressed their concerns. They are also concerned with the compliance of women’s rights in public institutions. Moreover, the provision of support for the beginners in political, social, and economic spheres is also important. Female leaders have created the favorable environment, where they can also serve as advocates and decision-makers. Owing to the strength and perseverance, women can easily lead, guide, address the socio-economic and political issues, and participate in elections and civil life. Mac Ginty and Mac Ginty encourage influential women to engage in governance, as well as peacemaking, and effective resolution of conflicts. Peace between conflicting parties cannot be reached without women’s involvement. In the low-income countries, females have proved that they could be powerful peacemakers, willing to help and cooperate for the common good.

Women have been granted with the fundamental right to participate in the country’s political life as the processes occurring within this sphere affect them and their families. The democratic countries encourage women to participate in the elections and become the members of political parties as only in this case, the society can become more responsive and inclusive. The meaningful participation in the country’s affairs helps females reach agreements and live in a durable peace. However, not all countries recognize the importance to involve women in the local and national decision-making departments. Most of females are simply excluded from the political life as their male counterparts do not trust them. Therefore, the struggle for recognition continues. Women have contributed to the democratic world through struggling against violence, discrimination, and scarcity of resources. Some of them still lack support and face numerous challenges as they cannot fully participate in the political and civil life of their country. Women’s empowerment, justice, and equality can be achieved only by strengthening women’s rights in various spheres of lives.


To conclude, the role of a female in the modern world cannot be underestimated. However, a great burden of responsibility is placed on women, and, therefore, every taken step should be wise, weighed, and harmonious. The future of the world depends on the woman, her actions, and direction that she will choose. Females have to participate freely in various processes including peace-building, governance, and social organization. Communication technologies have provided women with new opportunities to learn and address challenges that affect them most. Women have significantly contributed to the modern, democratic world by promoting socio-economic and political progress, peace and human rights. They have proved their ability to strengthen democracy in the modern society.

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