Immigrants in America

The term Immigrants refers to individuals who leave their mother country to reside in a new country permanently. They may migrate because their motherlands are not safe enough or for economic reasons, including seeking a job in a country they believe pays its employees better. Some immigrants may enter the country legally, while others travel illegally. Whichever the case, they make an impact on the place they migrate to. They affect it both positively and negatively. The negative impact lies in an increase in the insecurity level, including the threat of terrorist attacks, occupation of vacant positions initially designed for Americans, adding to the population of a country by both migrating and giving birth, and using the resources of the country. Moreover, deportation of illegal immigrants costs the government much money and efforts. . On the other hand, the immigrants contribute to the economic growth of the country, expend the workforce, create new job positions, and foster diversity and innovation. 


Positive impact of the immigrants in America

In U.S., the current number of immigrants is approximately 42.4 million, which is 13.3 % of the total population. This number includes registered and illegal immigrants. Generally speaking, they help to increase the gross domestic product of the United Sates. Immigrants are willing to take all kinds of jobs, which average Americans may regard as humiliating and not worth considering. Their contribution to the economy between the year 2012-2013 was 14.7 %, which is higher than their population.This percentage was equivalent to $743 436 990; they also contribute to the labor force of the country, comprising 16% of the total number of workforce. Some of them even own small businesses. Furthermore, statistics shows that the number of immigrants who run small businesses is slightly higher in comparison with Native Americans. Such business activities help to create employment both for other immigrants and Americans. Thus, they contribute to solving unemployment issues in America. They also increase demand for local goods leading to increased purchasing power in the country. This purchase includes necessary products and services for the livelihood, including foodstuff, clothing, and housing. There are affluent immigrants, who spend a fortune in expensive places, such as hotels, restaurants, and boutiques. Such expenditures are a visible indication of the fact that even though immigrants send money to their home countries, they invest much of it in America to satisfy their needs. They also have a tendency to invite family members for a dinner and, thus, people spend some money regarding transportation and goods, which they take back home.

Those who acquire citizenship feel an obligation to develop their new country of residence and work even harder. They help to expand the workforce leading to more business start-ups. When firms realize there is sufficient number of workers, they expand their production capacity and establish new sister companies. The increased production provides the country with necessary resources. Accordingly, the country exports the surplus to other nations and earns additional revenue.  Immigrants also greatly contribute to the development of the home service sector of America, which is also known as the household production services. This sphere involves cleaning, food preparation, gardening, caring for pets, and personal services, which include child and elderly care. They charge reasonably and, hence, have made these services affordable for every social group. Illegal immigrants are ready to accept blue-collar job and work on low wage. Certainly, the country benefits from such eagerness since average Americans are not willing to work for the minimum pay. Their productivity per hour is also higher as compared to natives as they value their jobs. It is difficult for immigrants to secure employment opportunities, so they are grateful for every chance to work. They have also allowed American women to join labor force and increase their working hours. As a result, they have less household chores and, hence, can work better and increase overall productivity, especially it concerns educated women. Some people deplore the presence of illegal immigrants in the United States and suggest their deportation. However, they do not consider further consequences, such as the cost of the process and the shortage in labor force that can be especially obvious in the household sector. The cost of production in factories will also soar limiting their opportunities for expansion.  It seems more sensible to impose immigration restrictions on new illegal immigrants rather than to deport the current ones.

Highly educated immigrants, including scientists and engineers are an asset to the economy of America. They represent 33% of engineers, 27% of mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientist as well as 24% of the physical scientist. They contribute to roughly a third of innovations and researches that America conducts today . They help build high-tech companies which generate income and create employment prospects. In fact, technology and innovations are considered main contributors to the economic growth in U.S. They are the major exports of the country.  Additionally, educated immigrants are also suitable employees for multinational companies as they can easily accommodate to any environment and do business with people from different cultures. The innovations and technology also attract researchers and trainees from other countries. Moreover, the state does not spend money on professional training as their country of origin incurs the training costs. This benefit helps American government save some money and invest it in the development of other sectors. Immigrants working in the U.S. also pay taxes to the government and increase the revenue. Furthermore, they possess various skills that they can pass to the residents. Immigrants facilitate increased competition in different industries, making the natives strive to provide impeccable service. They usually have divergent cultural backgrounds, which promotes such important phenomenon in America as diversification. Furthermore, it is through immigration that America has a possibility to develop advanced agriculture, which originates from Europe. They have always been the source of the labor force in different industries, including steel and coal mining.  Generally, the presence of immigrants in America offers more advantages to the country than disadvantages. Therefore, the government should introduce new policy, which would allow them to stay to continue the growth of the economy.  


America is a welcoming country that hosts many immigrants as compared with any other country in the world. It has a long history of immigration like any other state. Although the United States tried to restrict immigration in the past, they realized the potential benefits and decided to remove restriction policies. Individuals with records of an extended stay in the country should acquire citizenship so that they can also contribute to paying taxes. Accordingly, they will use various amenities and contribute to their development and maintenance at the same time. Most of the immigrants are young and energetic people. It is perhaps the reason that their contribution to the economy is more considerable comparing to the indigenous population. The government should, therefore, embrace immigrants due to their positive economic results and issue them work permits as well as other important documents. Such efforts will allow them to work without any hurdles and enable their children to have a chance to study in America. Additionally, intelligent immigrants have contributed to massive innovations in the USA, making the country the leading producer of sophisticated machines. Besides, the existence of diverse cultures has created a broader market for locally manufactured goods in the country. Considering all these aspects, it’s evident that immigrants are advantageous to the American economy.

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