The Last Samurai Essay

Speaking of modern world, one should be very well aware of the fact the terms ‘morale’ and ‘ethics’ do not apply to it. At the same time, under the historical, political, economic, and social circumstances individualism and conscience have become a measure of all things. Thus, it is possible to.. Details >>

The Pursuit of Absolute Liberty Essay

It sometimes takes people days, weeks, or even years to be familiar with a person in their real lives. However, it only takes them few hours to draw a conclusion of what a person—character—in the film. This is usually especially after one has watched a series of incidents about... Details >>

Homosexual Parenting Essay

The impact of homosexual parenting on the children has been studied for about twenty-five years. This phenomenon started to be discussed openly not so much time ago so not all its effects have been researched. In addition, sometimes it is hard to discover the couples having same-sex family as... Details >>

Career Counseling Essay

The choice of profession is a very important step in life of a person. It is very complex and responsible. Quite often, people choose their profession under the influence of external circumstances, considering views of relatives, external attributes, prestige, and cost-effectiveness of... Details >>

John Howard and his Role in the Prison Reform

John Howard was the first prison reformer and eminent English philanthropist. Some people considered him a difficult and strange person. Moreover, he was widely known as the influential reformer in the sphere of public health and penology. Details >>

Kellogg company marketing strategies and practices

Kellogg is a global company holding a special place in the cereals and other convenience foods. The name of the company is familiar to the overwhelming majority of the modern food market consumers. Kellogg's over a century marketing experience has converted the company into the primary competitors Details >>