Individuals often acquire new knowledge while being involved into new experience. While practicing, they acquire new skills and shape new concept that can later turn into frameworks and theories. In such a way it is possible to acquire new understanding of the world and proceed with formal thinking Details >>

Population Growth

Population growth belongs to the one of the most crucial global problems of humankind that was recognized in the 20th century, when doubling the population size since 1960s became a clear evidence of the stunning growth. Now, the world is in the midst of its rapid population growth Details >>

Challenges of Humanitarian NGOs

Nongovernmental organizations are institutions within a society that serve to supplement the roles that ought to be played by the government. The founding of the nongovernmental organization is premised in the delivery of services to a populace or society with no intention of earning profits... Details >>

Culture against Nation

Plato’s Socrates suggests that such poets like Homer put the state in danger in terms of viewing the heroes and their gods. Citizens must not admire the postures that jeopardize the image of the state. Greeks and Romans had a different viewpoint on the leaders praising different values... Details >>

Paintings Compare and Contrast Essay

The world of art is full of numerous examples of the masterpieces, which do not stop to impress contemporary connoisseurs and viewers. The British painting of the 18th century represents an incredibly important stage in Britain's art development. At the beginning of the 18th century, England became... Details >>

Political Homophobia

Unable to hide the negative trends in the economy and authoritarian leadership intentions, the government reorients its speakers to the distraction of the audience, pressing on people’s primary instincts and fears. The struggle against discrimination based on sexual orientation is not only about... Details >>