Social Media Impacts On Culture

The most important element of "cultural production" in modern societies is the media. We learn through the media all that we know about our society and even the world in which we live. Details >>

Issues with American's Foster Care System

The American foster care system is a system credited with the tasks of accepting and caring for abandoned, abused, and neglected children. This system is entailed with the responsibilities of ensuring that the children who undergo such life situations neglect, abandonment, and abuse receive a voice to demand better treatment and a home to live. Details >>

Benefits of the Study of Language

Language is the powerful tool of communication and cultural phenomenon. Bilingualism and high proficiency in the native language provide numerous advantages for the concerned individual. Namely, the linguistic knowledge allows improving the overall proficiency in a certain language and receiving the useful information about the social and cultural life of its native speakers while mastering the motivational power of words and experiencing rapid personal growth. Details >>