Global Warming

For decades, the world has experienced increasingly rising temperatures resulting in global warming. In short, global warming expresses the continuing rise in the earth’s atmospheric and oceanic average temperatures. These high temperatures significantly affect the global climate systems. Details >>


Investment denotes a sacrifice of an individual’s resources today for expectations of gaining more resources in the future. Individuals can either consume, save or invest their money. They choose the investment option due to a number of reasons, all founded on the expectation of deriving more economic benefits over and above the other options. Details >>

Media and its Influence on Gender

The role of media in the creation of social norms is inevitable. In essence, the media act as a platform to propagate a distinct view regarding the position of men and women in the society. It is fundamental to note that the existence of gender role is an issue that emanates from societal perspectives. Details >>

Should Death Penalty Exist?

The issue of whether the death penalty should exist has sparked deliberation from various critics. Capital punishment is regarded as a lawful infliction of death as a punitive measure for a broad range of offenses. Details >>

The Italian Renaissance

The literatures that were discovered right from the fifteenth through to the seventeenth century gave birth to the European renaissance. Most of the literary works were found right in Rome and Greece. Details >>

The Second Movement of the Fourth Symphony by Tchaikovsky

Being eager to write his perfect piece, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, a prolific writer of large forms such as operas and ballets, composed the Fourth Symphony relying on a stable structure and elegant form. Details >>