Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Gender, Femininity, and Gendered Warrior-Hero

Buffy the Vampire Slayer appears to be a combination of horror, fantasy, melodrama, comedy, and action genres in order to generate a radically popular post-feminist television icon. TV show presents a powerful and muscular female superhero, who is capable of saving the world every single day, not even taking off fancy heels. The current paper will demonstrate how this TV show challenges traditional understanding of gender and femininity. The opening scene of the ... Details >>

Climate Change as a Behaviorist Views It

Climate change is a popular subject of research. Yet, little is known about the behavioral aspects of environmental protection. The purpose of this synthesis paper is to reconceptualize climate change as a behavioral problem. Behaviorism is used to explain the complexity of climate change and propose relevant solutions to the problem. The paper uses Watson's views on behaviorism to reconsider the key dimensions of climate change. The choice of Watson's behaviorism is justified by the ... Details >>

Environmental Studies

Non-human animals should play an important role in the acceptable moral system. However, there are many theories that deny animal’s moral status and equal consideration with humans. As a result, they lead to the public outrage addressed to the animals. However, there are diverse philosophical studies on moral status of animals. Kant believes that animals are non-rational beings that do not have a will. Thus, the philosopher does not treat non-human animals as ‘ends-in-themselves.’ On the ... Details >>

Influence of Advertisement

Advertising nowadays plays a crucial role for the successful existence of the company and has an exceptional impact on human consciousness. With the help of effective and appropriate advertisement, the companies can tell people what to buy, where to go, and who to become. The reason is that advertising specialists know the weaknesses of humans’ subconsciousness so well that they can easily control humans’ needs and desires. Advertising is not always a work of art the main purpose of which is to ... Details >>

Sociological Approach to Identity and Self

Sexual orientation, as a term, describes human patterns of sexual, romantic, and emotional attraction as well as people’s sense of social and personal identity based on the attractions. An individual’s sexual orientation is not a white or black matter. However, it exists on a continuum with an exclusive attraction towards the opposite sex at one end of a continuum and an exclusive attraction towards the same sex/gender on the other. Concerning Keziah and Karen, this paper clearly shows that ... Details >>

The Development of Modern Western Civilization

Western civilization is a set of cultural, political and economic characteristics that unite North America and Europe and distinguishing them in comparison with other countries in the world. Its core values are the dynamism, focus on novelty; approval of the dignity of and respect for the person; individualism, the installation on the autonomy of the individual; rationality; the ideals of freedom, equality and tolerance; respect for private property; preference for democracy to all other forms of government. Western civilization is ... Details >>