The Effect of Plastic on the Environment

The second half of the twentieth century, the epoch of new discoveries and inventions, has all reasons to be called “Plastic Age.” The invention of plastic and its introduction to all the spheres of human life changed the world and opened a new page in the development of the planet. Nowadays, plastic has become an inseparable part of our daily life which is used in all fields of human activity. Nevertheless, this inexpensive and convenient material appeared to have both positive and negative influence on ... Details >>

The Role of Sociologists in the Development of Sociology

Sociology as a science has developed relatively recently. It is only in the nineteenth century that sociology was recognized as an independent science with a complicated subject matter and methods of research that systematize social knowledge and experience. The current paper evaluates the role of sociologists in the development of sociology as a science. It may be assumed that sociology presents a valid scientific perspective as a result of the studies conducted by sociologists. Research that was ... Details >>

Eco-Fashion and Design

Global environmental ethics is a kind of philosophies that protect and advocate for the existence of both human and non-human. It states that every being, both living and non-living should be given equal chances of survival as nothing including human can survive alone. Details >>

Ethics and Public Administration

Ethics refers to moral principles that guide and control the behavioral types of an individual. It is based on moral guidelines that helps one understand what can be quantified as right or wrong to the “self” and surrounding people. Details >>


Human beings are faced with a big challenge of balancing between their insatiable needs and limited resources. The same case applies to the management of public resources where a government has to determine the areas that they would allocate their resources first. Details >>

Measures to Reduce DUI-Related Crashes

Drunk driving continues to be a global menace. In America, this problem has sparked numerous debates, with most focusing on effective measures to counter Driving Under Influence (DUI). Details >>