Colonial History of Shanghai

Before discussing the impact of Shanghai’s colonial history on its economic, politics, and culture, one should comprehend the meaning of terms ‘imperialism’ and ‘colonialism’. Imperialism is the political ideology based on state’s aspirations to increase own power... Details >>

Communities and Social Change

We are all qualified to be ambassadors of positive change in the society. Upholding of human rights should be a fundamental principle in the society. Every person in the community must participate in ensuring there are peace and security... Details >>

Description of the Urban Poor of Puerto Rico

Being the part of the urban poor is associated with a number of difficulties from several perspectives. First of all, poor people from Puerto Rico do not have an access to the decent housing. The majority of the urban poor have to live in shantytowns. They cannot purchase... Details >>

Evidence for the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis

The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that the structure of a language one uses affects the way he/she examines the world, makes comparisons, and logical conclusions. The entire cognitive process is largely influenced by the structure of a language as significant differences... Details >>

Impacts of Skinny Jeans on The Male Identity of Gender

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that consumer culture has become the most prominent in the contemporary society. It touches upon music, media, and fashion so that these aspects are in the state of constant development... Details >>


Japan is one of the world’s developed nations situated between the Sea of Japan and North Pacific, Northeast Asia. It comprises four main islands, as well as many other smaller ones, that amount to almost seven thousand islands. The mainland named Honshu... Details >>