The Entertainment Industry and Venue Management

The growth of entertainment industry has been very significant in the UK over last few years. For example, in 2013 the country reported that that the entertainment industry contributed 3.8 billion pounds to the economy of UK... Details >>

Understanding Confucius

Confucius was a prominent ancient Chinese philosopher, thinker, sage, and founder of the well-known philosophical system, Confucianism. His teaching has become a significant factor of the spiritual and political development of China and East Asia... Details >>

Cultural Observation Report

People spend a lot of time observing the world they live in. This curiosity arises from the evolutionary desire to find out as much about the environment as possible... Details >>

Issues Facing Private Clubs

Clubs all over the world are facing challenges due to finances. Though there are some that are comprised of members that are wealthy with a considerable amount of... Details >>

Quality Management Tools and Techniques

Quality control tools and techniques are one of the most important aspects of the successful performance of any company. It is impossible to... Details >>

Social Media

Social media strategy consists of several steps. The first one includes the understanding of individual goals for creating a strategy of social media marketing, the main goals for the marketing of... Details >>