Music: Hip Hop Culture

Hip hop culture has been rapidly developing for the last century. It has complicated history and embraces not only music, but also other forms of art and general style of life. This culture has positively influenced a lot of spheres of American life and spread all over the world... Details >>

Reasons for Imperialism in Late 1890s and Early 1990s

The American history quotes the period of time from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century as the age of imperialism. Imperialism is the military, cultural, and economic influence of America on other countries. The impacts are followed... Details >>

Taking a Gap Year Is Advantageous

It is possible to state that the last year of school is one of the most difficult in people’s lives. Since its beginning, each pupil feels pressure from all the sides. One day, while having the family dinner, the father sets aside the newspaper and asks his child about the plans... Details >>

The Five Levels of Leadership

People tend to overestimate themselves very often. They think they have many positive traits and they think that others like them. Accordingly, when it comes to leadership, people tend to think they are good at it. It seems so easy when the person supervises others... Details >>

Origins of Industrialization

Industrialization is the process by which a country, or society is transformed from being agriculturally reliant to manufacturing of goods and services. In most cases, human labor is replaced by mechanized mass production, while assembly lines replace artisans... Details >>

Role of Geography in Political, Economic and Social Life of Shanghai’s Citizens

As it is known, due to the rapid growth and development Shanghai takes an important place in the contemporary world. Being a considerable political, economical and cultural spot of China, the country with the biggest economy, the prosperity of this city... Details >>