Research Proposal

More and more species are under extinction nowadays. The state of ecology desires to be better. The technologies are supposed to help to preserve the nature resources and wildlife. However, the situation is out of the control. Details >>

World Regions: Southern Africa

Remittances refer to the international capital flows from migrants’ host states to their home countries. They are amongst the largest financial inflows to developing nations. The remittances play a central role in many countries’ economic development. Details >>

The Creative Process

Creativity as a process entails the coming up of new ideas and delivering them to create solutions. Creative works are a function of the thought process. However, these thoughts cannot be effective or realized as solutions if they are not turned into reality. Creativity demands hard work and inspiration and is often linked to intelligence. Details >>

Adoption Records

These days, there is different access to adoption records in various countries. Thus, King, Brucker, Kriebs and Fahey affirm that “adoption choices include open, closed, or semi-open adoption”. Details >>

Art and Gender

Gender plays a crucial role in the creation and development of artwork throughout the various parts of the world. The differences in these two sexes provide a variation in their perception also analyzing art in society. Details >>

Cultural Interactions and Culture “Clashes” or What Happens When Two Societies Have a Strong Influence on Each Other

When people from different cultures interact, they notice a host of differences in communication patterns, self-conceptualization, outlook on life, relations between generations, and popular culture of the other culture. Details >>