Statistical Lessons

The role of statistics in not only daily life but also business, healthcare and governance cannot be ignored. From a general point of view, it is crucial to study statistics due to the various decisions that one makes in daily life encounters. More often, an individual might not be aware... Details >>

The 80s the Decade that Made Us

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without planes, trains, cars and other benefits of civilization, and it is hardly understandable how people could get along without mobile phones and computers earlier. The importance of mobile phones is unquestionable; however, it is rather interesting... Details >>

The Death Of Geography

Globalization and the concept of the contemporary world with no geographical barriers are among the controversial subjects. Geographers, social scientists and other individuals are always debating the shrinking of the world as they refer to this phenomenon. This paper intends to analyze... Details >>

Entertainment Performance Review

In early May this year, I attended a country music concert which starred such musicians as Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt, as well as Lady Antebellum, a famous American music group. Charles Kelly is one of the major musicians in the Lady Antebellum trio. Other musicians of the group... Details >>

Manage Recruitment, Selection and Induction Processes

Healthcare United is an organization that provides healthcare professionals for the healthcare institutions in two cities of Australia, namely Victoria and New South Wales. Healthcare United had developed the policies aimed at optimizing the recruitment, selection... Details >>


Nicotine dependence in fact is the usual addiction that does not particularly differ from alcohol, heroin, amphetamine, or any other addiction. The only nuance involves the fact that nicotine intoxication is not expressed, there is no deformation of the person... Details >>