Course Project about Diversity

Websites have become a common platform for communication among different companies and institutions. In most settings, company information and diversity-related issues are provided on the company website so that clients can access and use them in making decisions. This is an indication that... Details >>

Indian Ocean Earthquake

Natural disasters occurring from earth’s natural course usually end up causing disastrous results. The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake is categorized as one such natural disaster. Different countries could feel its impact on the planet. Nations like Sweden lost its citizens who had gone to the affected islands... Details >>

Passive And Active Strategies: Formulation And Implementation

Active management: The quest for exchanges with the goal of benefitting from focused data - that is, data that would lose its quality on the off chance that it were in the hands of all business sector members Active management is described by a procedure of proceeded with examination... Details >>

Performance Appraisal: Business Ethics

The presented case revolves around the topic of the performance appraisal of employees prior to downsizing the organization; it involves Frank, the chief financial officer, and the member of the Executive Committee of the firm, the company’s CEO, and three employees that did not pass the procedure... Details >>

Research Paper: Broken Marriages and Religion

The rate of marriage failure has increased considerably in the recent years. Couples around the world are finding it hard to stay with their spouses and many consider divorce as the easiest alternative (Nock 14). Some marriages even do not last through their first year... Details >>

Explaining Confucius: The Essence of Political and Ethical Thought

There can be no doubt in the assumption that Confucius is a well-known Chinese ancient thinker, suggesting his own theory of building the State and creating specific rules to ensure a peaceful existence of the Chinese society. Accordingly, it is reasonable to shed light on the views... Details >>