Korean Film

With the film industry being one of the biggest incomes generating activity in the 21st century Korea has not been left behind, and the country has been producing some great films with a global appeal. Details >>

Run Lola Run

Run Lola Run is the third film by Tom Tykwer, after which he became a cult director for many generations in Germany and other countries, similar to Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, and Jim Jarmusch. Details >>

The Effectiveness of Detropia: Film Review

Detroit that is globally known by its metonymy, the Motor City, has become the centerpiece of cinematic attention of the last decade. Based on the observations by Yezbick, in the 2000s, at least 68 films have been founded on its lived experience. Nonetheless, it is the city’s demise that has been the primary focus of directors’ interest Details >>

Beginners Film Analysis

Beginners is a film based on facts from Mike Mills’s biography. He is California born film director, graphic designer and screenwriter. His most famous works include this film and the other comedy drama Thumbsucker released in 2005. Details >>

Women in Comedy: No Longer Just a Man’s Show

Traditionally comedy has been solely a male domain, and only recently the focus shifted to the role of women within the genre. The idea of “Unruly woman” has persisted through centuries, but the feminist studies tended to avoid this subject and paid more attention to melodramas and the victimization of women in other media and art forms Details >>

Clint Eastwood Movie Review

Clint Eastwood has surprised the audience by shooting one of the best western films “Unforgiven” (1992) in the history of American cinematography. It is the award winning movie, which has attracted the attention of the audience by the features, which make it a distinctive work. Details >>