Mad Max: Fury Road

The movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” is a fantasy/science fiction genre. It is produced and directed by George Miller and came out in 2015. It was shot in a desert wasteland. Details >>


The historical study of international relations and political behavior created a large base of theoretical approaches to the understanding of the political conduct of particular states. Details >>

Report of the Teachings of the Buddha

The genuine wisdom comes, when a person is able to overcome all the negative thoughts, judgements and opinions. The sage can never accompany ignorance, negative emotions and envy. Details >>

Blend of Aesthetics and Violence in the Korean Wave

In “Hallyu 2.0: The New Korean Wave in the Creative Industry,” Dal Yong Jin reminds that the original “Korean Wave” happened 15 years ago and made Asia love the Korean pop product including Korean films. Details >>

Future of the European Union: Progress or Collapse

The European Union is a successful model of economic and political integration. It enjoyed a long period of the staggering achievements and prosperity. As the form of multilateral cooperation, the EU emerged in the 1950s due to several favorable external factors including the post-war fears and hopes for the peaceful future. Details >>

Gender Stereotypes in “Despicable Me 2”

The most popular modern films always manifest gender and cultural stereotypes, including animated Disney movies, where the major studios can easily hide the most controversial ideas. Details >>